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Iraqi Military Commander said the end of the Mosul operation will mean the collapse of Islamic State

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Speaking during the Sulaimani Forum at the American University of Iraqi The head of Iraq’s Counter-Terrorism Service said the end of the Mosul operation will mean the collapse of Islamic State in the country. Shaghati said Iraqi troops were trained to make the safety of civilians a priority, Iraqi forces help civilians while fighting ISIS. He have said that every division has a human rights lieutenant to monitor violations during operations: “I have dismissed soldiers for violating human rights,” he said. “We do not allow the violation of human rights. ISIS militants behead people and burn people to death to frighten people to avoid picking up a gun to fight against them”. “ISIS inspires death, we inspire life”, he added. “Our soldiers are full of energy, they are ready to make Mosul free of ISIS”.

Update: Iraqi troops liberated 28 districts in eastern Mosul

Iraqi troops have recaptured 28 districts in eastern Mosul with an air cover provided by Iraqi and international coalition fair forces. The Counter Terrorism Service (CTS) have said that the forces recaptured the districts of al-Adl and al-Taamim in the east. Security sources, on the same day,saying that the forces recaptured the districts of Nawafel, Simyak and Abbassiy in the north. Military have said recently that government forces became in control of nearly 50 percent of the eastern section of Mosul. ISIS remains in control of the western region near the group’s strongholds in Syria but Iraqi security commanders and Al-Hashd al-Shaabi militia leaders say they had managed to cut ISIS’s supply and escape routes to and from Syria.

Operation against IS has turned into a medieval massacre

On Sunday, Russian Foreign Minister’s Spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, asserted that the operation against Islamic State terrorists conducted by the U.S.-led coalition in Iraq’s Mosul in conditions of absolute information blockade, has turned into a medieval massacre. According to Zakharova, the situation is worsened by the lack of systemic approach to evacuation of civilians. She also added that nothing like humanitarian corridors has been provided. A ground operation to liberate Mosul from terrorists of Islamic State began on 17th of October. It involves the Iraqi troops, Kurdish units and the US-led coalition. On 31st of October, Iraqi’s forces began assaulting the city.

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