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Iran, Oman hold 13th joint military friendship committee meeting.

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The meeting co-chaired by Deputy Chief of Staff of armed forces for international relations Brigadier General Qadir Nezami and Deputy Chief of Staff of Oman armed forces for operation and planning affairs Brigadier General Hamad Rashed al-Baluchi. In the meeting, the two sides discussed ways to develop and expand bilateral cooperation in the field of defensive affairs. Iranian delegation included commanders of different sectors of armed forces. The delegation is to hold negotiations with Omani senior military officials in different sectors. Rear Admiral Azad, one of the Iranian delegation member, said that considering position of South Sea and the Indian Ocean in maritime economy arena and extent of commercial ships and oil tankers shuttle providing security needs readiness for rescue and relief operation. In this concern, the two Navies are designing and executing a joint rescue and relief operation maneuver. Oman is to host the maneuver this year.



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