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Yemeni Foreign Minister Sharaf discusses with UN Coordinator worsening humanitarian situation in Yemen

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During a meeting between the Yemeni Foreign Minister Sharaf and the UN Resident Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs in Yemen McGoldrick, they discussed the worsening humanitaria situation in the country and the targeting of the port of Hodeida. The discussion led to the need of intervention of the United Nations and international actors to end the suffering of Yemeni employees, subjected to the policy of starvation by the aggression and the mercenaries. Concerning the port of Hodeida, the Foreign Minister underlined the importance of its safety due to its key role in accepting humanitarian needs for Yemeni people, as McGoldrick also did. The Minister also underlined the efforts made by the National Salvation Government to achieve peace and end the suffering of the Yemeni citizens.

The National Commission for Human Rights in Libya concerned over humanitarian situations of Benghazi

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The National Commission for Human Rights in Libya (NCHRL) said it had been deeply concerned about the legal and humanitarian statuses of the prisoners in the Benghazi- based Kuwaifiya prison. The prisoners – civilian families and former regime individuals who were stuck in Ganfouda and were recently arrested by pro-Haftar forces – were thrown into the jail arbitrarily, it added. NCHRL said on Sunday that after some of the families that were trapped in Ganfouda, western Benghazi, were forced out of the district along with some of the prisoners who were released by Benghazi Shura Council, the pro-Haftar forces took them to a military checkpoint and then kept them for investigations. “However, we were surprised to hear that they had been tortured physically and psychologically by the Benghazi military policemen and then sent to the notorious Kuwaifiya prison again, claiming that the freed prisoners still have cases relating to their ties with Gaddafi regime.” NCHRL’s statement says. It called on the Justice Ministry of Al-Thanni-chaired government in eastern Libya and the justice and human rights committee of the House of Representatives to exert efforts for freeing the detainees, prisoners and families that were arrested upon their departure from Ganfouda as it would be a positive gesture in the path to comprehensive national reconciliation, peace and stability in Libya.

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