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Yemen: hope for truce

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The President grants the UN requests. The peace movement has connected to certain guarantees. More than a million are the refugees after three months of conflict.

The Yemeni government announced its agreement to the truce requested by the United Nations. A temporary peace which looks converge the Houthi movement. A choice which, as admitted by a Yemeni spokesperson, will be constrained by clear guarantees.

The first is the release of prisoners, including the Minister of Defense, from Houtii. The second, however, is that the same Shiites leave the four occupied provinces.

This is a small step forward in a geopolitical context so hot. The United Nations, as well as many non-governmental organizations, have recently reported crimes against the Yemeni population.

The numbers have not mince words. More than 1500 civilians killed, over a million refugees. And the same refugee camps targeted by the Sunni coalition led by Saudi Arabia and supported by the United States. So, the peace is essential to bring aid to the displaced and to create humanitarian corridors.
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