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Blacksmith shops in Jenin and Hebron areas raided by Israeli forces

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Israeli forces stormed two blacksmith shops during overnight raids across Jenin and Hebron districts.
In the first one troops seized the contents of the workshop and sealed it shut purportedly for being used for manufacturing weapons. Clashes erupted between soldiers and local youths who protested the raid and attempted to block their passage. Soldiers fired stun grenades and live bullets. No injuries were reported. Meanwhile, troops broke into and sealed another blacksmith workshop during a raid into the Hebron-area town of Yatta, purportedly for being used for arms manufacture. The owner of the workshop was detained for interrogation.

Two West Bank workshops were shut down by IDF on Tuesday

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In early-morning raids Tuesday, Israeli troops shut down two workshops that were allegedly used to produce illegal weapons in Jenin and outside Hebron, the army said. A suspect was also arrested in connection with the workshop, an army spokesperson said. The owner of the workshop, along with two others, was arrested by the IDF troops and handed over to police and the Shin Bet security service for further questioning, the spokesperson said. A similar operation was carried out in the village of Yatta, outside Hebron, by the Judea Brigade, which is responsible for that area.

Bomb ridde next to Mishtara checkpoint safely detonated by Israeli Police

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Palestinian security passed on information to Israeli forces on a large bomb that they suspect was targeting the IDF in the Hebron area, Palestinian security sources said Sunday. The bomb, made up of an explosive charge attached to a large gas canister, was hidden next to the Mishtara checkpoint on the outskirts of the southern West Bank city. The bomb was found on the side of the checkpoint controlled by Palestinian security. It was safely detonated by sappers from the Israel Police bomb squad on Friday night, Israeli officials confirmed.

Clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinian youths in Hebron

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Israeli forces clashed with Palestinian youths during a predawn raid in the village of Beit Ummar in the southern occupied West Bank district of Hebron. Clashes broke out between local youth and Israeli soldiers after the soldiers removed and stepped on a memorial poster of Ikhlayyil. Israeli forces fired tear gas at local youth, several of whom were treated on the scene. An Israeli army spokesperson said they were looking into reports.

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