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Derna residents objected to the appointment of Brigadier General as mayor for the city

Several Derna residents objected to the appointment of Brigadier General, Hamad Al-Shalwi, as mayor for the city, saying that there is a civilian council elected in the city.
Residents have confirmed that all oppose all orders given by the so-called military governor of the eastern region, Abdelraziq Al-Nathori, in particular the decision to appoint Al-Shalwi in Derna. “All the measures following the appointment is invalid, in particular the decision to freeze the bank accounts of Derna City.” Residents have explained, rejecting the decisions that may harm the security and sovereignty of the country. They stressed that support should be given to the City Council elected, urging all official authorities to cooperate with it in its work in the city. The Chief of Army Staff of Khalifa Haftar, Al-Nathori, who was appointed by the President of the HoR as military governor to the east, had issued several orders of dubious to dismiss elected mayors and replaced them with military men, and Derna a case in point.

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