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Israeli Patriot missile downs Syrian drone over Golan heights.

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An Israeli Patriot missile shot down a Syrian drone over the Golan. The incident took place in the early evening hours and according to military officials, the drone was most likely on a surveillance mission against Syrian rebels based near the border and breached Israel’s airspace accidentally. Another defense official told that the incident was not necessarily linked to the fact that in the early hours of Thursday morning Israeli fighter jets struck a weapons supply depot operated by Hezbollah near Damascus International Airport. The strike targeted Iranian weapons shipped into Syria via commercial and military cargo planes. In comments in an interview with Venezuelan television carried by the state-run Syrian Arab News Agency, Assad said Israel was supporting terrorists with military strikes in Syria, but made no direct mention of Thursday’s incident. He further said his government was in talks with Russia to purchase the “most advanced” anti-missile defense system “that will counter the American and Israeli threats. It’s only natural we should have such systems.”. Given the history of the Israeli regime, we see that they had [pursued] nothing but war and bloodshed. Therefore, this regime must be completely disarmed. “And only after this regime would be completely eliminated, we can restore security and peace”, he said.


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