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The 2016 financial support to Tunisia will consist of four programs

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The European Commission, on Monday, reaffirmed its support to Tunisia with a new financial assistance package worth a total of € 213.5 million for reforms and funding social infrastructure, it said in its media portal. According to the statement, the 2016 financial support package for Tunisia will consist of four programmes, including a programme to support the health sector in Tunisia’ worth €20 million and another €60-million programme that seeks to support the process of decentralisation enshrined in the January, 2014 Constitution. As for the third programme, it supports the modernisation of public administration and public undertakings, in support of the 2016-2020 Development Plan with a budget of €73.5 million. The fourth programme in the EC’s assistance package for Tunisia supports education, mobility, research and innovation. The €60-million programme is intended to improve access to a high quality education system, making it possible to increase the employability of young people and stimulate socioeconomic integration, according to the same source.

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