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Turkish warplanes shell Amedi district for second time in one day

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Turkish military jets shelled areas around the district of Amedi in the Kurdistan Region for a second time, nearly four hours after airstrikes hit the foothills of a mountain in the district. NRT correspondents, Nihad Oramari and Abdulstar Rekani, said the Turkish warplanes conducted airstrikes around Kesta village in Barwari Balla area at 3:30 p.m. According to residents in the area, the Turkish jets conducted airstrikes three times near the village creating “fear and anxiety” amongst the residents.  The airstrikes also caused a fire to break out in a nearby forest, the correspondents added. Casualties are still unclear. The air raids came just hours after Turkish warplanes shelled the foothills of Alhwiy Mountain in the district of Amedi, northeast of Duhok province in the Kurdistan Region, around 12 p.m. on Tuesday. Turkey has shelled areas in and around Amedi district seven times in the last month.




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