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Minister Crnadak on the Summit Brdo-Brijuni: EU will be completed only after the Integration of Balkans

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Minister of Foreign Affairs of BiH Igor Crnadak attended the meeting of foreign ministers in Brdo, in Slovenia. The minister stressed during the discussion the importance of such meetings at the ministerial level and added that this type of initiative can give new impetus to the process of integration into the European Union. He agrees with the fact that the European Union will not be complete until the arrival of the Balkans. He also stressed the importance of the Trieste meeting, which will address this issue, but also other types of problems, such as the fact that young people leave the area and corruption. He also added that some things should be improved regardless of the European Union but actually for the sake of democracy and development, such as independence and freedom of the media. All this, in the opinion of the Minister, can be achieved through cooperation and good relations between the countries.


coup militias name militant as vice president of Hudaydah University in Yemen

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A source at Ministry of Higher Education has reported coup leader militias have appointed as new vice president of Hudaydah University a militant officer with any essential background in education. This would be another mean to cover the real plan of Houthis Militias in helping Iran to take control over Yemeni territories. This condition has led fight into a new stage,  in fact after two authorities having fought regarding academic positions, minister of higher education loyal to Ousted President Daley and vice President of Houdaydah University loyal to Houthis Militias, they keep on discussing and fighting to get control, so to solve this problem, it was necessary chancing the precedent vice president. Right now the new appointed vice president is the brigadier General al-Omari.



Haradinaj: We will answer with hostility to hostility

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Ramush Haradinaj, chairman of Alliance for the Future of Kosovo and a candidate for prime minister in the upcoming elections in Kosovo on June 11, did not miss the opportunity to attack Serbia, which he considered an enemy. Haradinaj said that Pristina will continue the dialogue with Belgrade if Kosovo is respected as “a sovereign, independent state, recognized by many countries”. Otherwise, he said, if the Serbia behaves like a hostile, Kosovo will respond the same way. “We do not mean to continue the dialogue just for the dialogue, we are for dialogue if we are fully respected as we are. We will recognize only those who recognize us, we will respect only those who respect us”, said Haradinaj, who already considers that his coalition won on the elections.


king Salman named "Islamic personality of the year"

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During a conference press in Dubai, it was named king Salman as islamic personality of the year” by organizing Committee of high profile Dubai International Qa’ran  Award. This award was conferred in presence of panel chairman  Bu Melha. The organing committee has referred to his constantly efforts to preserving Islamic and Muslims heritage and to fighting terrorism. In addition to this, it was stressed involvement of King Salman in humanitarian affairs,thank to Centre for relief for Humanitarian aids and Relief in Jeddah. It is really important to assure conducting humanitarian operations in those areas. Some members of Islamic and Muslims society have also declared King Salman like a anthropologist and philanthropist. He has received several certifications to underline his own ability in interviewing in humanitarian situation ad well and, at the end, he has got different medals from some lands, like Marocco, France, United Nations, Senegal, Bosnia Herzegovina and others.


France, India to cooperate in fighting climate change

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French President Emmanuel Macron and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Saturday their countries would cooperate in the fight against climate change, just days after the U.S. withdrew from the Paris climate agreement. Modi, whose country is the world’s third-biggest emissions generator, said in Russia on Friday that he would continue to back the deal and Macron has said the 2015 Paris agreement is irreversible despite U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw. “The protection of the environment and the mother planet is an article of faith”, Modi said at a joint news conference with Macron in Paris.


Mattis dials up U.S. pressure on China over North Korea, South China Sea

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The United States is encouraged by China’s efforts to restrain North Korea but will not accept Beijing’s militarization of islands in the South China Sea, U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis said Saturday. The comments by Mattis, during the annual Shangri-La Dialogue, show how U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration is looking to balance working with China to restrain North Korea’s advancing missile and nuclear programs while dealing with Beijing’s activities in the South China Sea. Trump has courted support from Chinese President Xi Jinping to restrain North Korea, raising concern among Asian allies that Washington might allow China a freer rein elsewhere in the region

Arab Coalition: We welcome handover of Hudaydah port to neutral party

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An official source has stated UN envoy Ahmed has said to Houthis Militias to hand over port of Houdaydah to a neutral party. These statements represent a confirmation of request, made by Arab coalition, UN to take charge of port Houdaydah,  in order to protect Yemeni people from smuggling of weapons, by Houthis Militias and confiscation of sanitation and humanitarian aids. Ahmed has expressed his regret over the lack of participation in meeting to discuss about exploiting the port, allowing entrance of humanitarian aids. The statement stressed out the important support by Arab coalition to assure the flow of aids from international subjects. In addition to this, he has also declared in meeting with Security Council, to use tax revenues and customs to finance basic services.


"I can't even imagine Serbia joining EU before Kosovo"

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Kosovo President Hashim Thaci says he cannot even imagine the EU accepting Serbia as its member before Kosovo. Thaci said that  the biggest concern in southeastern Europe was caused by “the fact that the EU is too slow in bringing countries of the region closer, which opens the door to all kinds of radicalisms, as well as strengthening of the Russian influence”. He thinks that the EU should therefore make decisions faster, and adds that he cannot imagine Serbia in the EU before Kosovo. “I cannot imagine something like this happening. I am confident that this will not be the case because Serbia would then certainly block Kosovo, and for an indefinite period of time. The EU knows very well what the attitude and behavior of Serbia is towards Kosovo. But, Serbia too cannot continue on the path of European while not behaving in a European way toward Kosovo”, stressed Thaci. According to him, Greater Albania is “a concept talked about by Belgrade to cover their ambition of creating a ‘Greater Serbia’”. Thaci claims that “the Kosovo army” will be established by the end of this year, after this has been suspended under international pressure.

Gunman dies, 36 dead after botched Philippines casino robbery

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At least 36 people died after a gunman burst into a Manila casino, firing shots and setting gaming tables alight, a spokesman for the Philippine president said on Friday, in what officials believe was a botched robbery attempt. There was no evidence linking the attack at the Resorts World Manila entertainment complex to fighting between government troops and Islamist militants in the country’s south, said Ernesto Abella, a spokesman for President Rodrigo Duterte. “All indications point to a criminal act by an apparently emotionally disturbed individual”, Abella told a media conference. “Although the perpetrator gave warning shots, there apparently was no indication that he wanted to do harm or shoot anyone”.

Bulgaria is on its Way to the Eurozone

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”Bulgaria is on its way to the eurozone”, Valdis Dombrovskis, EC Vice-President and European Commissioner for the Euro and Social Dialogue, said at the presentation of recommendations to Bulgaria in the framework of European Semester 2017. He pointed at significant imbalances in the economy since 2015, including the high corporate debt. On the other hand, Bulgarian authorities have taken measures in response to recommendations on the pension sector in 2016. There is a high level of outstanding debt. The measures, necessary in the banking sector, should be taken more quickly. Regarding debt collection, things there will also be improved, according to Dombrovskis. With regard to the eurozone, Dombrovskis said there are nominal exchange criteria. “We have discussed this issue. Some aspects look pretty well. You are walking towards the eurozone. You need to join the exchange rate mechanism”, he added.

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