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Syria, while discussing for a post-Saddam clashes continue

While Iran, Syria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Russia and the United States discuss what are the prospects of the ongoing conflict and particularly what could be the new Syria in a possible post-Assad on the battlefield things change quickly.

Some of these developments are very important to monitor and some of the rebel factions of some importance not yet spoken to the various discussion boards for a power-sharing agreement.

Meanwhile on August 8 air forces of Assad bombed some positions in the countryside near the capital of the province of al-Hasaka, near Idlib and in the northern province of Latakia as reported by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Unconfirmed reports also indicate that the planes of the coalition led by the United States have carried out attacks near Raqqa killing two fighters of the so-called Islamic state.

Clashes between loyalist troops and rebels of the Islamist forces were reported around the province of Tabliseh and Homs. Government troops were able to repel an attempt of the SI to take control of the area around the oil field in the province of Homs Jazal.

Clashes have also occurred in the province of Rif Dimashq where government troops backed by Hezbollah fought Islamic rebels in the area of ​​Daraya and Zabdani.

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