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Yemeni foreign ministry strongly condemns US military intervention

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The United States military interventions against terrorism groups in Yemen was condemned by a Foreign Ministry official in a statement to SABA because it violates Yemen national sovereignty. The official remarked that Yemen is a sovereignty country with an elected Parliament and is a member of the international community and that the National Salvation Governement, the army, security and popular committes are able to eliminate terrorism and combating terroristic groups on the ground, on the intelligence and on the religious ideology. The solution proposed by the official is to use a comprehensive system, which includes the security, military and intelligence action to root out Al-Qaeda and Daesh.


ISIS launched a counter-attack against Iraqi forces in western Mosul

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Daesh (or ISIS) terrorists launched a counter-attack against advancing Iraqi forces in western Mosul during an overnight rain storm. Explosions and gun fire rang out across the city’s southwestern districts in the early hours of Thursday. The fighting eased in the late morning, although a Reuters correspondent saw an air strike and rebel mortar fire. The Takfiri militants are using suicide car bombers, snipers and booby traps to counter the offensive waged by the 100,000-strong force of Iraqi troops, Kurdish Peshmarga fighters and Hashd al-Shaabi forces. Hundreds of women and children gathered in one abandoned bus station in the rain to receive food from the army and a local charity.

Erdoğan: Turkey's next target in Syria is to liberate Manbij and Raqqa

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Erdoğan said Thursday that Manbij and Raqqa belong to the Arabs and Turkey’s next target in Syria is to liberate these two cities, respectively controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), controlled mostly by the PKK-affiliated Democratic Union Party (PYD) and its armed wing, the People’s Protection Units (YPG), and the Daesh terror group. Speaking to journalists on the presidential plane during his return trip from Pakistan, Erdoğan reiterated that Turkey will not allow an independent terrorist state to be present along its border. “After the liberation of al-Bab from Daesh terrorists, Turkey’s new target in Syria is Manbij. Manbij is a city that belongs to the Arabs, and the SDF must also not be in Raqqa”, the Turkish president said. Answering a question regarding U.S. support to the SDF, Erdoğan noted that the new Trump administration does not seem to have yet reached a final decision as to how the operation to free Raqqa from Daesh should be organized. “Their chief of staff [U.S. Gen. Joseph Dunford], and the new head of the CIA [Mike Pompeo] came to Turkey and we too told them that the SDF must be excluded from the Raqqa operation. The presence of armed terrorists along its borders is unacceptable for Turkey”, Erdoğan said.

Regime advances in Aleppo countryside, open new link to SDF-held areas in northern Syria

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An advance by the Assad regime forces against Daesh in northern Syria has opened a new link between regime-held areas in western Syria and the country’s northeast held by YPG-dominated and U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), redrawing the map of the conflict near the Turkish border. The advance, if sustained, could open a trade lifeline between the northeast, which holds 70 percent of Syria’s oil and also includes rich farmland, and the west, where Syria’s manufacturing and most of its population are based. The regime advance has begun just south of the town of al-Bab and has pushed forward into the territory expanding northwards, where Turkish forces and the Free Syrian Army (FSA) are currently waging Operation Euphrates Shield, which aims to carve out a buffer zone to keep Daesh and PKK-affiliated groups away from the Turkish border. Regime government forces have now come to the edge of a swathe of territory controlled by the SDF, which has mostly avoided conflict with Damascus but is viewed by Turkey as an extension of the PKK terrorist group that has waged a three-decade insurgency on Turkish territory. The YPG, which is the armed wing of PKK’s Syrian offshoot PYD, is the dominating force within the SDF. The YPG’s critics have accused it of cooperating with Damascus in the Syrian civil war. The spokesman for the SDF militia alliance said the regime army’s advance would bring benefits to civilians in the area. “On the trade front and on the civilian front it is seen as an excellent thing, because now there is a link between the entire northern rural area”. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says the regime advance in the area is part of a bid to block Turkish-backed forces from expanding their zones of control in Aleppo province.

50 Daesh militants killed in Nangarhar operations

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Local officials in Nangarhar have claimed that during the operation more than 50 Daesh militants which included Pakistani Nationals were killed in Kot-Haskamina districts of Nangarhar in the past seven days. Governor of Nangarhar province Mohammad GulabMangal said, “ Daesh militants are not only coming from Pakistan, but they are being supported logistically and Financially by the Pakistan Government and receive military equipment”.

'Intense effrots' made in identifying terror cells

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During a press conference the Director of the Investigations and Strategic Planning Centre of the Interior Ministry and Ministry spokesman described how securety agencies started investigating information received about suspected criminals from four separate regions in the Kingdom. These individuals were suspected of being involved in terrorist cells and were arrested. The Ministry also said that security authorities are not certain of the number of cells still in operation but are undertaking intense effrots to identify them and that the Kingdom is coordinating with the international authorities in combating terrorism funding, especially to Daesh.

US Col. John Dorrian told: Daesh is going to be crushed in west Mosul, it is going to be finished

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“The city is completely surrounded,” US Col. John Dorrian told Rudaw TV on Thursday. “Daesh has no ability to bring in more fighters to support their operations, and they are awaiting their fate. But in the meantime, they are posing dangers to the people that are around them and this something that will end in the coming weeks”. It is estimated that west Mosul has 750,000 residents; additionally, military experts have said the right bank will have to be cleared building by building and street by street. “What we expect is this is going to be a very, very difficult fight and very dangerous. What we’ve seen from the enemy is they don’t have any problem harming civilians … in many cases they’ve purposefully targeted civilians — that’s happening right now”, Dorrian said. “To counter, we are targeting their leaders, their fighters, and their mortars and artillery pieces. We are destroying a lot of these, but it’s still a very dangerous situation”. Coalition airstrikes destroyed an ISIS headquarters in western Mosul, “The Iraqi security forces are going to be able to liberate the city. “Daesh is going to be crushed in west Mosul. It is going to be finished. Then the Iraqi security forces will liberate the other areas of Iraq

Talabani expressed concern that another similar to ISIS group could manifest in Iraq

Lahur Talabani, Director of the Kurdistan Region’s Protection and Information Agency, have said there were signs that ISIS was planning to shelter in the Hamrin Mountains in the northeast of Iraq. “It is a very tough terrain. It is very difficult for the Iraqi military to control” and “It’s a good hideout place and a place they could have access from province to province without getting detected”, he added. Talabani also expressed concern that another group similar to ISIS could manifest in Iraq if political leaders failed to secure reconciliation between sects: “… maybe not Daesh [ISIS], but another group will pop up under a different name, a different scale. We have to be really careful, These next few years will be very difficult for us, politically”. Lastly he have said that Iraqi forces have months of street-to-street and house-to-house fighting ahead of them before the western side of Mosul is regained from the militants.

Assad: Liberating Raqqa isn't a Syrian government priority

Liberating Syria’s northern city of Raqqa, a Daesh stronghold, is not a top priority for the Syrian government, even though it is on the list of important objectives, Syrian President Bashar Assad said. He stressed that Raqqa is “no more than a symbol of the Islamic State [Daesh]”, and that “the IS [Daesh] is present everywhere” – near Damascus, in Palmyra, eastern Syria. Priorities are everywhere. And they depend on the military development. But for us everything is important — Raqqa, Idlib, Palmyra”, Assad told French radio station Europe1 in an interview published on Thursday.

Saudi sentenced to prison for communicating with Daesh via whatsapp

A Saudi national was sentenced for 7 years in prison by the Specialized Criminal Court in Riyadh for supporting Daesh and communicating with an official of the terrorist organization via WhatsApp. The man confessed he wanted to join Daesh and do a terrorist operation against Alawites. He also informed people of how to enter Syria via Turkey and used social networks to communicate with the organization. For that reasons he was condemned to 7 years in prison, his mobile phone was seized by the court and his account on the social media application was closed.

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