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Today marks the 29th anniversary of the massacre of over 5,000 innocent civilians in Halabja

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Today marks the 29th anniversary of the massacre of over 5,000 innocent civilians in Halabja, with another 10,000 people injured during the chemical weapons attack. This terrible crime was part of Saddam Hussein’s Anfal Campaign, in which tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis and Iraqi Kurds were murdered. On this solemn day, we honor the memories of the husbands, wives, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters who perished in Halabja and throughout the Anfal, as we continue our joint efforts to defeat Daesh and to prevent future atrocities. In addition Turkey’s pro-Kurdish Democratic Peoples Party (HDP) renews call on the country’s parliament to recognize the 1988 gasattack on Iraqi Kurdish city of Halabja as an act of genocide.

Civilians striked again by the saudi aggression warplanes

Civilians are under attack by the saudi aggression warplanes in several governorates. Four rides were waged on Sa’ada district and two others on Kutaf district. Saudi aggression artillery also shelled al-Shiekh area in Sa’ada province. Two airstrikes were launched to Hodeida’s Airport and sea port while in Taiz province the warplanes hit al-Waza’eih district three times. Fighter jets launched 11 strikes in Hajja province, 5 airstrikes in Mareb province and four raids on Najran province.

Yemen won’t suspend counter-terrorism operations with the US governments

After the US commando raid in Al-Bayda against al-Qaeda, which killed many civilians, Yemen won’t suspend counter-terrorism operations with the US governments. Sana’a had not withdrawn its permission for the US to carry out special terrorism operations but the country and President Hadi expressed their reservations about the last operation. Any operations carry out in Yemen should be in consultation with Yemen authorities and should prevent civilian casualties.

Terrorists in Aleppo are using chemical weapons

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According to a Russian Defense Ministry’s statement, Russian military experts have found unexploded shells indicating that terrorists in Aleppo have been using chemical weapons in their regular attacks on civilian and Syrian government-held areas of the cityTerrorists in Aleppo are using chemical weapons. Traces of chlorine and white phosphorus were detected during initial analysis of the samples. The use of chemical weapons was sued for many month and in late October, Syrian state media said that poison gas was fired at a government-held area of Aleppo, causing massive respiratory problems among the local population. The use of chlorine as a weapon is prohibited under the 1997 Chemical Weapons Convention, which Syria joined in 2013, after a Russian diplomatic effort. In January of this year, OPCW confirmed the destruction of all chemical weapons declared by the Syrian Arab Republic.

5 civilians wounded by Houthi militias’ military projectiles

Five citizens were wounded on Monday in the border town of Al-Towal, in Jazan, by military projectiles launched from Yemeni territory by Houthi militias. The projectiles also caused damage to a mosque, the house of a citizen and several vehicles. Jazan Civil Defense spokesman Yahya Abdullah Al-Qahtani said Civil Defense teams received a report about a military projectile launched by Houthi militias from Yemen on Al-Towal, which resulted in the injury of the civilians who were transferred to hospital for treatment.

Two Malian civilians were killed in a attack

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A peacekeeper from Togo and two Malian civilians were killed Sunday in an attack on a military convoy in Mali, rounding off a bloody week for foreign forces stationed there, a UN statement said. Seven other peacekeepers, also from Togo, were wounded in the attack in the central Mopti region, according to the statement by the UN mission, known by the acronym MINUSMA. After a mine or improvised explosive device was detonated, attackers opened fire on the convoy, the UN said, without identifying the assailants.

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