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Donald Trump’s “no conservative” attitude in domestic politics could not work as well for the foreign policy

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Surely the President-elect Trump is not a “conservative” in domestic politics, although not yet begun his term has already changed the rules of the game and imposed his line. If his attitude in domestic politics could work, in foreign policy risks to be extremely harmful to the US. Previous administrations have worked since World War II until today to maintain balance at the global level and at the same time trying to promote American interests, Trump wants to make America great again but diplomatic tensions with China, the unclear ideas about the future of Middle East and the dangerous approach to Russia risk to derail what his predecessors have built with difficulty over the past 70 years.

International Crisis Group wants the LPA to be changed

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The International Crisis Group says the Libyan Political Agreement (LPA) signed in Skhirat last December has to be changed. In a hard-hitting and lengthy report published today, it says that as it stands it cannot be implemented. The agreement has altered the conflict far more so than resolving it, it states. While the Presidency Council (the main outcome of the PLA) has been unable to deal with issues affecting ordinary people such as power and water shortages and the lack of money in the banks, divisions in the country have deepened over the past year as a result of changing situations on the ground. Libya potentially now faces free-fall, it warns. To save the country, the calls for new negotiations to create a united government “involving especially key security actors not at Skhirat” – a reference to Khalifa Hafter and the Libyan National Army. Not only has the agreement altered the conflict, the conflict has altered the circumstances. Hafter’s successes in Benghazi and in the oil fields have upset the international community’s calculations and changed the situation on the ground.

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