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Reds to declare ceasefire before the end of March.

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The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) on Saturday noon said it is set to issue a unilateral declaration of interim ceasefire not later than March 31 in anticipation and support of the fourth round of peace talks between the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) and the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) set from April 2 to 6 in The Netherlands. The announcement came after Friday’s release of two prisoners-of-war (POWs) in Mati, Davao Oriental by the New People’s Army (NPA) rebels. The CPP said it is looking forward to a similar unilateral ceasefire declaration by the government, as mutually agreed upon during backchannel talks from March 10 to 11.


Abu Sleem ceasefire welcomed by Kobler

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UNSMIL has welcomed the ceasefire in Abu Sleem agreed late last night and renewed its call for the Libyan Political Agreement (LPA) to be implemented. In a statement today it also deplored the outbreak of violence that has so far claimed 16 lives and battered the local community in Abu Sleem. Those responsible for the fighting had to be held accountable, it said. Extending his “sincere sympathies” to all affected by the violence, he said that the violence again demonstrated the need for a political solution “including a united Libyan army operating under civilian control, to provide security for all Libyans. I call for the speedy activation of police and security forces to protect Libyans from crime and lawlessness”. Kobler reiterated his support for the Presidency Council (PC) as the only legitimate executive authority in Libya.

Discussions about joining peace talks frozen due to “breaches” in the ceasefire by the Syrian governmen

Syrian rebel groups have announced they are freezing discussions about joining peace talks sponsored by Russia because of “breaches” in a four-day-old cease-fire by the Syrian government. In a statement, the rebel groups said that any territorial advances by the army and Iran-backed militias would end the effort to restart peace talks as well as a fragile cease-fire brokered by Russia and Turkey that went into effect on December 30. “The regime and its allies have continued firing and committed many and large violations…threatening the lives of hundreds of thousands of people,” said the statement signed by about a dozen mainly moderate rebel groups operating under the umbrella of the Free Syrian Army.

Syria's government forces finally regained control over 70% of eastern Aleppo

On Wednesday, the Russian center for reconciliation of warring sides in Syria announced that Syria’s government forces have regained control over 15 districts of the city of Aleppo, retaking 70% of the city’s eastern part from militants. AP reported that the militant groups entrenched in eastern Aleppo asked the Syrian government for an immediate ceasefire, citing the need to evacuate wounded fighters as Syrian forces advanced deeper into the militant-held areas. According to the proposal, the truce is needed to facilitate the evacuation of the wounded militants to the northern part of the Aleppo province controlled by Turkey. The Syrian government rejected the proposal, insisting that the militants should leave the city. Meanwhile, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the militants are still free to leave Aleppo and that this proposal is still in force. In the meantime, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that Russia is still holding talks with the Syrian opposition. On Wednesday Sergey Lavrov met his US and German counterparts, John Kerry and Frank-Walter Steinmeier respectively, in Hamburg, on the sidelines of the OSCE foreign ministers’ meeting, particularly to discuss the situation in Syria. Furthermore, on Wednesday evening,  six Western nations (UK, France, Italy, Germany, USA, Canada)  pushed for an immediate ceasefire in Aleppo on Wednesday.

Aleppo battle: US and Western leaders ask for immediate cease-fire

The leaders of the United States and five other Western powers are calling for an immediate cease-fire in the Syrian city of Aleppo. President Barack Obama is joining the leaders of Britain, Germany, Italy, France and Canada in a joint statement demanding Syria’s government to address the humanitarian crisis by allowing U.N. aid in to eastern Aleppo. They’re accusing Russia of obstruction at the Security Council. The leaders say Russia and Iran claim to want to work toward a political solution but are unwilling.

UN Security Council resolution on 7-day ceasefire in Aleppo vetoed by Russia and China

Russia and China have vetoed a UN Security Council resolution on immediate seven-day ceasefire in the Syrian city of Aleppo, which was submitted by Egypt, New Zealand and Spain. The document was supported by 11 countries members of the Security Council, while Russia, China and Venezuela voted against it. Angola abstained. Before the vote, Russia’s UN envoy, Vitaly Churkin, said that the country would vote against the document, informing UNSC members of Moscow’s decision. The diplomat also said that Russian and US experts were due to meet in Geneva within the next few days to discuss a plan for the settlement in Aleppo, the major part of it being the withdrawal of gunmen from eastern Aleppo. He said the UN SC should have waited for the result of these consultations before voting on the resolution.

US-backed Saudi-led aggression jets and mercenaries breached the ceasefire about 114 times

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Army spokesman Brig. Gen. Sharaf Luqman said on Monday that the US-backed Saudi-led aggression coalition fighter jets and their mercenaries have committed 114 ceasefire breaches, which have been monitored and documented in several Yemeni provinces. The Saudi-led alliance, in addition to launching a series of air strikes across Yemen in clear violation to the ceasefire, the coalition also dropped internationally prohibited cluster weapons during the two-day truce. If the alliance of aggression continues breaching the truce, Luqman said it will threaten the peace negotiations and Muscat`s principles Agreement.

Ceasefire fails, the conflict between Awlad Suleiman and the Qaddadfa tribes resumes

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Tribal fighting has continued in Sebha for the fourth day with at least 15 people now killed and more than 35 wounded. The conflict between the Awlad Suleiman and the Qaddadfa tribes paused briefly this morning when a two-hour ceasefire was agreed. However, shooting resumed well before the period elapsed. The fighting has focused on the Al-Minshiya and Al-Mahdiya areas but families have been seeking to quit other areas of the town as the fire fights move around. Inhabitants confined in their homes for the battles reported properties shaking as heavy mortars and a tank cannon were fired as well as a heavy calibre DShKM (Dushka) machine gun. Sebha Medical Center called in all its staff to help with what it said was a state of emergency as more and more dead and injured were brought in. A spokesman warned that the hospital no longer had the medication nor the staff to deal with a crisis of this size.

Oman’s principles agreement of ceasefire breached by US-Saudi aggression jets and mercenaries

US-Saudi aggression war jets and their mercenaries continued on Sunday breaching Oman`s principles agreement of ceasefire on several Yemeni provinces; in the capital Sanaa, the Saudi aggression fighter jets intensively flew over the capital for hours as they launched five air strikes on Dhubab and Rijam areas of Bani Hushaish district on the northeast outskirts of the capital. Meanwhile, the Saudi-paid mercenaries launched several attempts of advances towards locations of the national army and popular forces in the district of Nehm northeast of the capital. The mercenaries’ attempts were repelled. Also provinces of Taiz, Lahj, Marib and Saada are been taken under attack.

Russia: humanitarian pause will continue if militants do not attack

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Monday that despite the humanitarian pause in Aleppo was officially over, Russia would not resume military operations if militants do not launch new attacks. “The humanitarian pause, as such, had a clear time frame, but the cessation of operations of the Russian Air Force will continue,” he added, stressing that whether it will continue will depend greatly on the militants’ next steps.

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