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Egypt: bomb attacks, at least 30 injured

At least 30 injured, 6 of which were policemen, after that Egyptian security building and a courthouse were hit by three car bombs in Cairo at 2:00: “A man suddenly stopped his car in front of the state security building, jumped out of it and fled on a motorbike that followed the car,” Ministry of Internal Affairs explained.

But responsability could not be jihadist. In fact, Black Bloc group claim attempt: “We announce our full and complete responsibility for the explosions which occurred a few hours ago, “ they said on Facebook. They also explained that this action is the answer to several imprisonment people because of their political crimes.

After anti-terrorism laws wanted by al Sisi three days ago, this attempt is an obvious reply to Egyptian government. Especially because it should the first violent attack anti-islamist in this country if claim of responsability were proved.
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