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Asian Productivity Organization (APO): Iran makes progress in industrial-scale productivity

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Secretary General of Asian Productivity Organization (APO) Santi Kanoktanaporn announced here on Monday that plans are underway to turn Tehran into productivity hub. APO is a regional and inter-governmental organization which was founded in 1961 by participation of eight countries of China, India, Japan, Nepal, Pakistan, South Korea, Philippines and Thailand and now has 19 members. Aim of APO is to participate in economic-social development of member-states and improve life quality for their people through promotion of productivity with reciprocal cooperation morale among the member-states. Membership in APO is permitted for all Asia-Pacific states which are members of the UN–ESCAP. The 59th meeting of APO board of governors kicked off and it will last three days in Tehran. Sustainable productivity is the main subject of this meeting in Tehran.

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