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Agreement for creating the United Group of Troops signed by Russia and Armenia

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On Wednesday, Russian Defense Minister General Sergey Shoigu and his Armenian counterpart Vigen Sargsyan signed an agreement for creating the United Group of Troops. Earlier, on November 14, Russian President Vladimir Putin approved the idea of striking a deal with Armenia and ordered a draft agreement be sealed for the creation of the United Group of Troops in the collective security region in the Caucasus. Sargsyan also affirmed that the United Group of Troops would comprise the 102nd Russian military base deployed in Armenia and Armenian army units.The Russian and Armenian Defense Ministers also signed a cooperation plan for 2017. Shoigu added that Russian Federation is ready to expand ties with Armenia in the sphere of military education.

A joint group of Russian and Armenian forces will fight in the Caucasus region

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Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has approved a proposal by the Russian government to establish a joint group of Russian and Armenian forces in the Caucasus region to deal with potential attacks on either countries. The alliance is being established to ensure the security of Russia and Armenia in the Caucasus. Under the agreement, servicemen of the Russian Federation and Armenia engage themselves to repel any armed attack against each of the parties, as well as to suppress any attempts at illegal entry across the borders of the two countries. The agreement is for the term of five years with an automatic extension option if no one of the parties wishes to terminate the cooperation. A similar agreement is already in force between Russia and Belarus. Currently, in the town of Gyumri, 80 miles north of the Armenian capital, there is a Russian Army’s base where around 5,000 troops are stationed.

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