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three people attempting to leave Syria arrested for belonging to a terrorist group

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The General Directorate of General Security on Wednesday announced the arrest of three people who were tasked by a Syria-based terrorist group to scout possible targets for “bomb and vehicle-ramming attacks” in Lebanon. In a statement, General Security said “Lebanese national M. Kh., his Lebanese wife H. H. and Palestinian refugee M. M. were arrested for belonging to a terrorist group, communicating with senior officials in it, and attempting to leave for Syria to join its ranks”. “During interrogation, they confessed to the charges, admitting that they belong to a terrorist group and that Palestinian refugee M. M. had recruited the aforementioned couple on behalf of the group” the statement added. The Lebanese couple “traveled to Turkey with the aim of entering Syria to join the wife’s relatives who fight alongside the terrorist group, but their attempt failed after they were arrested by Turkish authorities and sent back to Lebanon”. After arriving in Lebanon, Lebanese national M. Kh. communicated with his Syria-based brother-in-law A. H. who linked him to one of the group’s security handlers, General Security added. The handler tasked him with “collecting information and identifying figures or gatherings for possible bomb attacks, suicide operations or vehicle-ramming attacks that can be labeled as ‘quick forays’” the statement said.

Rangers killed the chief of banned militant group Jundullah

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Pakistan Rangers Sindh on Friday claimed to have killed chief of banned militant group Jundullah in an alleged encounter in Hub district, Dawn News reported. “Acting on tip off by intelligence agencies, Rangers’ anti-terrorist force on Thursday night conducted operation at a suspected militant hideout in Hub area of Balochistan,” read a statement issued by Rangers spokesperson.

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