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Mali: The state of emergency extended by six months until the end of October

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The current state of emergency in Mali was extended to six months until October 31st, by the National Assembly. Gathered on Friday, the National Assembly extended “the state of emergency until October 31st, 2017 on the whole territory, the bill was voted unanimously. This measure of exception was repeatedly established in the country since the Jihadist attack against the hotel Radisson Blu of Bamako on November 20th, 2015. The state of emergency preview in particular possibilities of intervention by security forces, it was restored after a new attack attributed to the Jihadists on April 18th to Gourma Rharous, in the region of Timbuktoo which made five deaths and about ten wounded persons among the malian soldiers, according to an official toll. The military operation Barkhane is fighting against the Jihadists in Sahel, the north of Mali had fallen in March-April, 2012 under Jihadist groups connected to Al-Qaeda.

Daesh militant sentenced to 20 years.

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On Monday, the Riyadh Specialized Criminal Court has condemned to 20 years in prison a Daesh Militant, who was involved in several planning terrorism projects and manufactured explosives and also resisted arrest. He was found guilty of communicating with other Daesh Members, joining their criminal activities and hiding their weapons. He was declared guilty of wanting to go to Syria and to join the terrorist group and also guilty of attempting to travel to Yemen to join al-Qaeda. He was guilty of not informing authorities about other militants, who joined al-Qaeda group. In addition to this, he was guilty of creating a twitter account, where he gave information about terroristic organizations and of buying some terroristic supplies, with money given by an other al-Qaeda member. After these 20 years in prison, he will be prevented from traveling abroad.

Egypt condemns Al-Qaeda attacks against oil facilities in Libya

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Egypt’s Minsiter of Foreign Affairs, has strongly condemned the recent attacks in the oil crescent in Libya, assumed by Al-QAEDA affiliated militants. He told that this attacks will put in question all the negotiations for Libyan unity and stability. In the same time, the Arabe League general secretary Ahmed Aboul-Gheit told that a meeting to push forward the Libyan process is previous at the end of March, which will see for the first time the representation of the EU.

Presidency Council met with Al-Qaeda leaders to plan attack on oil ports

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Accusations from the Dignity Operation against the President of the Council, following the recent attacks in the oil croissant. Ahmed Al-Mismari, spokesman of Dignity Operation accuses UN-proposed Presidency Council and High Council of State held secret meetings with leaders of Al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood to mastermind the attack on the oil crescent region by Benghazi Defense Brigades. He claims that this alliance is linked against his organisation, against LNA (Liberation National Army). He also claimed that Al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood are competing for the control of Tripoli and oil ports to have more influence on the ground. However, BDB commander Brig. Mustafa Al-Shirksi has made it clear that his brigades have no links to any group in or outside Libya. In fact, Benghazi Defense Brigades are backed by Defense Minister of Presidency Council Al-Mihdi Al-Baraghati and PC member Mohammed Amari, in addition to several brigades from Al-Bunyan Al-Marsoos Operation.

Yemeni foreign ministry strongly condemns US military intervention

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The United States military interventions against terrorism groups in Yemen was condemned by a Foreign Ministry official in a statement to SABA because it violates Yemen national sovereignty. The official remarked that Yemen is a sovereignty country with an elected Parliament and is a member of the international community and that the National Salvation Governement, the army, security and popular committes are able to eliminate terrorism and combating terroristic groups on the ground, on the intelligence and on the religious ideology. The solution proposed by the official is to use a comprehensive system, which includes the security, military and intelligence action to root out Al-Qaeda and Daesh.


Drone strikes kill 4 Al-Qaeda suspects in Yemen

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Two US drone strikes targeted the home of a known Al-Qaeda member in Shawba province and an Al-Qaeda position east of the jihadist-held Abyan province town of Shaqra. The town was overran by the jihadists last month after the US raid on one of their compounds on January 29,where also 16 civilians were killed. After this the US administration carried out a drone war against Al-Qaeda in Yemen. The strikes killed at least 4 suspected Al-Qaeda members who were standing outside the house.

Yemen fighting and suicide bomb kill 48 peolpe in Abyan.

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At the entrance to Nadja Camp in Abyan province’s capital Zinjibar a suicide bomber blew up his vehicle and killed 48 people. The explosives were concealed in the back of a pick-up truck under a pile of firewood but the attacker failed to get trhough the gate. Responsibility for the attack was claimed by al-Qaeda. Moreover in Baida province erupted clashes between pro-government tribes and Shiite Houthi rebels as Houthis tried to take control of a tribal territory and 20 rebels and 6 tribal fighters were killed. 9 more rebels died in clashes in Sawmaa region when tribal fighters launched a surprise attack to their convoy. In fine 5 civilians were killed in Marib during a shelling.


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