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Leaked recording reveals 'propaganda' against Tripoli's anti-Haftar forces

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A campaign against the BDB (Bengazhi Defence Brigade) has started. According to an uncertain source of the journal “Middle East Eye” on officer had said that Haftar’s forces wanted to spread the message that al-Qaeda militants were involved in taking over the ports in the oil crescent, saying “al-Qaeda, al-Qaeda, al-Qaeda… they will become in the eyes of the people, al-Qaeda”. If this campaign is proved, this means that Haftar’s regime, would discredit the revolutionaries, the BDB.  Still according to this journal, Egypt and Haftar’s regime have creates some close ties, and the promise from Egypt to support Haftar in his claim to recover the power on oil ports.  But this revelation is not convicting. Indeed, Egypt was frustrated of the refute from Haftar to meet Serraij last month in the Cairo.

Clashes between Islamist militants and Palestinian faction at a refugee camp in Lebanon, where a power struggle has fueled days of violence.

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At least one man was killed on Tuesday in clashes between Islamist militants and the Palestinian Fatah faction at a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon where a power struggle has fueled days of violence. The Ain el-Hilweh camp, on the outskirts of the southern coastal city of Sidon, has often seen factional disputes spiral into violence. Medical sources said the man killed was a civilian. Three other people, including a child, were wounded. Gunmen from Fatah, the party of West Bank-based Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, have regularly clashed with Islamist militants in the camp, including supporters of Islamic State and al Qaeda. The latest wave of violence began on Feb. 23. The U.N. Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), which aids Palestinian refugees, said it had suspended all services in the camp on Monday and Tuesday because of the violence.Fatah has an agreement with Lebanese authorities to hand over wanted Islamist militants hiding out in Ain el-Hilweh, which is outside Lebanese security forces’ jurisdiction, a security source said.

Libya’s power balance tilts towards Haftar, Trump officials view it with suspicion

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America, until now the key backer of the GNA, has fallen away. The new administration of President Donald Trump has yet to give definitive comments on Libya, but is expected to designate Muslim Brotherhood, one of the key factions in the GNA, as a terrorist organisation. As such, that would rub out any US support for the GNA and leave it floundering, and both Al Sarraj and Haftar know it. Whereas the erstwhile administration of former US president Barack Obama viewed Muslim Brotherhood as a positive non-violent expression of Islamism, Trump officials view it with suspicion, accusing it of links with violent groups. Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon has long made combatting Muslim Brotherhood his cause celebre. Yet, it is likely to suffer if the US designates it as a group supporting terrorism. Trump’s Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, used his confirmation hearing last month to equate Brotherhood with Al Qaida: “The demise of IS [Daesh, or the self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant] would also allow us to devote our attention to other agents of radicalism like Al Qaida, Muslim Brotherhood and certain elements within Iran”.

Yemen won’t suspend counter-terrorism operations with the US governments

After the US commando raid in Al-Bayda against al-Qaeda, which killed many civilians, Yemen won’t suspend counter-terrorism operations with the US governments. Sana’a had not withdrawn its permission for the US to carry out special terrorism operations but the country and President Hadi expressed their reservations about the last operation. Any operations carry out in Yemen should be in consultation with Yemen authorities and should prevent civilian casualties.

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