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According to PM Medvedev, USA’s active role in the Middle East is necessary

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On Friday, following talks with Palestinian leader, Mahmoud Abbas, Russian Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev, affirmed that Washington’s active role in the Middle East is necessary.  He also said that Russia will continue its efforts to settle the relations between Israel and Palestine. Mahmoud Abbas in his turn also confirmed that Palestine expected the new US administration to help it settle its conflict with Israel. Abbas has also called on Russia to play a permanent effective role in ironing out disagreements between Israel and Palestine. The Palestinian leader noted that during the talks with Medvedev the two leaders raised the issue of a trilateral meeting with Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, in Moscow, which, according to Abbas, the Israeli side earlier proposed to postpone.

Afghanistan: Blast At NATO Air Base At Bagram

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At least three people were killed and 13 injured early Nov. 12 in an explosion at the NATO air base at Bagram, Afghanistan, the Bagram district governor said, Reuters reported. Force protection and medical teams responded to the blast, the NATO-led Resolute Support mission said. The cause of the explosion, which occurred near a dining facility just after 5:30 a.m., is unclear.

3 Saudi soldiers killed in 3 sniper operations

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Three Saudi soldiers were killed in sniper operations in Asir and Jizan provinces, military officials told Saba on Wednesday. The operations were carried out by the sniper units of the army and popular committees’ force in enemy Maltah military site and the other operation in Ragabt Nashma in Asir. The third operation that killed the third Saudi soldier was in al-Suda military area in Jizan.

Turkish Foreign Minister accuses US of keeping supply weapons to Kurdish forces

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The United States continues to supply weapons to Kurdish forces in Syria despite assurances to the contrary, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Tuesday. “The US says it does not give weapons to the YPG [People’s Protection Units], but we know that they do. We see that the YPG and the PKK [Kurdistan Workers’ Party] are the same and arming them is wrong. We know that the US continues to give them weapons, and we have expressed our concerns with the fact,” Cavusoglu said.

Five people linked to IS arrested in Germany

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Five people linked to the so-called Islamic State (IS) group have been arrested in co-ordinated raids in Germany, including a senior Islamist figure, reports say. Flats were raided in northern and western Germany and a mosque was searched near Hanover. Among those arrested was an Iraqi who goes by the alias Abu Walaa, or “the preacher without a face”. Germany’s NDR TV has identified him as Ahmad Abdelazziz A. The raids came as a result of information from a 22-year-old jihadist who spent several months with IS in Syria before fleeing to Turkey, it said. Before returning to Germany in late September, the man, named Anil O, gave an interview in which he referred to Abu Walaa as “IS’s number one in Germany”.

The man who coordinated the deadly attacks in Paris and Brussels has been identified

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A Belgian-Moroccan jihadist operating in Syria is believed to have organised the deadly attacks on Paris and Brussels, sources say. For months intelligence teams have been trying to identify a man known as Abou Ahmad, involved in recruiting a number of Islamist militants for attacks across Europe. They now believe they have identified him as Oussama Ahmad Atar. He is linked to bombers who targeted Paris in 2015 and Brussels in March.

Damascus: Defense Minister of Russian Federation clarified that no attack were carried out in that area

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Defense Minister of the Russian Federation Sergey Shoigu denied information about the alleged attacks on Damascus and clarified that “VKS Russian aircraft, on November 7, in the specified area of flights didn’t carrie out and apply any attack. The information published by the media, is another fake “, the ministry said. Moreover, it has already happened that media as “Anadolu Agency” published fake information about russian operation in the territory. In response to such allegations Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for the Russian President, declared the sole right of Russian leader Vladimir Putin to resume air strikes on Aleppo.

United States: Internet Of Things Partly Responsible For Cyberattack

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The Oct. 20 cyberattack on major U.S.-based internet domain host, Dyn, was partly carried out using internet-connected devices such as digital recorders and webcams, Dyn’s chief strategy officer said Oct. 21, Reuters reported.

The attackers secretly implanted malicious code in hundreds of devices in the so-called “internet of things” to create a network. The devices were combined with millions of computers to inundate Dyn’s servers with spurious traffic in a method known as a distributed denial of service attack. The cyberattack managed to take down sites including Twitter, Paypal, Reddit, Spotify and numerous media outlets. Both the FBI and U.S. Department of Homeland Security are investigating.

The source of the attack will be particularly difficult to track down given the methods used, but experts are not ruling out hackers sponsored by nation states. The Oct. 20 incident follows closely on a Department of Homeland Security warning last week that manufacturers needed to increase security in internet-connected devices.


Normandy Four: Putin plans to take part and talk for the first time in a year

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Dmitry Peskov, Kremlin’s Spokesman, announced that Russian President, Vladimir Putin, will visit Berlin on 19th of October to take part in the meeting of the Normandy Four group. The official stressed that Putin’s decision to take part in the meeting was unrelated to the escalation of the situation in Ukraine.

The Kremlin believes that Kiev’s calls for forcing Moscow into compliance with the Minsk Accords indicate how complex the situation is. The press secretary stressed that Vladimir Putin is ready to do everything to push forward the Minsk process on the Ukrainian conflict settlement within the Normandy Four format.

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