BCE sollicite, au Sommet G7, un "appui international exceptionnel" à la Tunise pour aller plus vite dans ses réformes

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The president of Tunisia Essebsi said, on Saturday, to Taormina, in Italy, at the presence of the bigger economies of the world, that a major engagement from public and private subjective, promised during the conference “Tunisia 2020”, and an international support to Tunisia will improve the process of reforms that the Country started. He talked about the growth of the Tunisian economy during the first trimester, and Essebsi said that this is an encouraging signal. The President of the Republic then added that Tunisian people, particularly the youths, need of work, because they are impatient to wait. The aim of the reforms is to supply, to youths, the same chances of other youths in the richest countries. The aim of Tunisian develop program is to improve exportation of high level technologies, to improve the investments and the develop of technological enterprises.


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