Haaretz op-ed draws condemnations across the political spectrum.

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Harsh criticism of Israel’s national religious sector sparked an outcry on Wednesday when Haaretz columnist Yossi Klein warned of the “danger” posed by the national religious in an op-ed featured in the paper.Klein’s provocative assertion that the religious Israelis were “more dangerous than Hezbollah” drew condemnation from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and a number of prominent ministers and lawmakers.”The article that ran in Haaretz is shameful and crazy. They’ve lost it completely”, Netanyahu wrote on his Facebook page. “The national religious public is the salt of the earth. Its girls and boys serve in the Israel Defense Forces and in national service programs for the benefit and the security of the state of Israel. I am as proud of them as I am of most of the country’s citizens. I urge Haaretz to issue an apology.”Stop, Haaretz newspaper”, Bennett went on to say. “You should be ashamed of yourself [Haaretz publisher] Amos Shocken. You should be ashamed of yourselves Haaretz editors. Come after me. Write that I’m a fascist and apartheid supporter and that I’m dangerous to Israel. I can swallow my pride, but I will not have you trample on this wonderful [national religious] population. It is easy to buy their votes”, Klein wrote in his op-ed. “Legalize their land and you have them. Give them budgets and you have them. Authorize a transfer [of Arabs] and they’re yours forever. They are loyal to those who give. They will support draconian media laws, greedy natural gas agreements, court-bypassing legislation. They have the prime minister wrapped around their finger, and they pull the ministers’ strings like puppet masters”.


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