“I’m back to my position as Vice-President” says Osinbajo Briefs President Buhari

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Vice President Yemi Osinbajo had a briefing with the president Muhammadu Buhari about his political activity on behalf of the President, while the President was recovered in London. Osinbajo now returns to his regular position, while he was acting as president he has been update Buhari on national and international issues and has received specific directives on the step to be taken. Durign the meeting President has been warned about the things Osinbajo and his group did while Buhari was away and has been discussed too the economy State and what to do in the Northeast area. Appearently the president was very impressed about Vice president performance, even though, as Osinbajo said, “Very little is done without the president’s clereance, having full agreement on all of the issues”.

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