Mosul, released 70% of the city

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The Iraqi troops supported by the coalition released 70% of the city after weeks of fierce fighting house to house.

The conquest of all the bridges over the Tigris represents a decisive step towards the complete liberation of the city from the regular Iraqi army has and Peshmerga troops.
This morning was also taken Istitutoi the Technical University of Mosull on University Boulevard, avenue that joins to the Tigers on the fifth deck, action that would close in a bag the possible resistance of the neighborhoods near the river for an accurate home security action to home.
This success is due in part to the tactical efforts of the coalition that, with shelling and tactical support to Iraqene troops, including Zerawani and Peshmerga forces, has allowed an advanced much faster these days.
The commander of the operation inherente Resolve, the US army colonel brett sylvia, in yesterday’s press conference expressed how important it was strategic coordination between the tactical support and iraqene forces, an exceptional teamwork that led to today’s result .
I this scenario the shelling and the use of drones made it possible to take out the main tactical resource of ISIS, the car bombs and improvised explosive devices, finally giving the room for maneuver necessary for the liberation of the city.
These car bombs designed to maximize the explosion shattering effect for months have been the point of formza black militia putting in serious difficulty the security forces. These cars were thrown against difensia line, check points or advancing troops by creating casualties and chaos that permettava an effectiveness on the survivors throw.
Mosul in nearly 24 months of occupation was fortified and underground tunnels were made both for people and for small means making it possible for terrorists to move safely from one point to another city.
But the loss of these resources does not mean destroying their offensive capabilities of Mosul also fly small commercial quadricotteri Drones with a 45-minute autonomy able to disengage or explosive devices to launch as a suicide bomber on iraqi’s lines

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