SEMA thanked Saudi Arabia for living support to refugees in Syria, across the Kingdom and in other countries

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The Syrian Expatriates Medical Association (SEMA) has thanked Saudi Arabia for its continued support of refugees in Syria, across the Kingdom and in other countries, according to Husam Junaid, a SEMA board member. SEMA is involved in the treatment of needy people for free at a medical center in Riyadh under the sponsorship of a Saudi charity organization called Enaya (Care). “We appreciate the food program immensely. Moreover, Saudi Arabia has also helped thousands of Syrian refugees by welcoming them without imposing any conditions on them or placing them in camps upon arrival” Junaid told to Arab News on Friday. He noted that Saudi Arabia was also among the first countries to rush to the aid of Syrian refugees, whether inside their own country or in neighboring states like Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan.

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