UN, joined for security

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An important international conference ended yesterday afternoon, at the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, whose theme was the “Paths to a Security Council more inclusive and responsible”. The conference was focused on the reform of the UN Security Council and sponsored by Italy as focal point of the “Uniting for Consensus” group.

During the two working days, representatives from each single Member State have discussed about the reform of the Security Council of the United Nations, which is ongoing and mainly focuses on changes to the “veto” system, on the different categories of seats (permanent and non-permanent), on regional representation and on the size and the future of the Council itself.

The conference was a nodal time of deepening the different negotiating situations in place, and helped identify the different points of contact and friction between States, which – due to the changing scenarios in Russia and Eastern Europe – are increasing their interest in UN issues and their related “Consensus”.

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