Nato, the Annual Cmx on the Libyan and Ukrainian backgrounds

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North Atlantic Council announced the Annual Crisis Management Exercise. The test will involve civilian and military staffs and will concern maritime security. Allies and other States will partecipate in drill.

Annual Crisis Management Exercise (Cmx15) will happen from 4th to 10th March 2015. Ambassadors on the North Atlantic Council (Nac) made this decision imagining a crisis between two non-Nato state at distance from Alliance territory. Test will occur in a ficticious scenario e will involve “civilian and military staffs in Allied capitals, at Nato headquarters and in both Operations and Transformation Strategic Commands. It contains a humanitarian and maritime dimension, with implications for the security of the Allies”, said North Atlantic public notice.

Allies rather than Australia, Finland, Japan, Sweden and Ukraine will take part in drill, while Georgia, New Zealand and South Korea will observe the exercise. The Eu and Un will exchange informations during the test.

This is the 19th Cmx since 1992. The maritime security could be related to Libyan crisis, especially after Stoltenberg’s reassumance to Italian Prime Minister Renzi to support Italy. Whereas the humanitarian aspect could be reffered to escalation of violence in Ukraine, where is growing a new hot “Cold War” between Usa and Russia.

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