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Embassy in Pristina gives the first Immigrant Visa to a Kosovo resident


For the first time it was given to a Kosovo resident the Immigrant Visa (IV) from the United States  Embassy in Pristina. The woman who received it is called Edita Daka, she cames from Peja, she is 23 years old and she is married to an American citizen in the United States planning to move to New York to join him. The US Embassy in Pristina began recently to process IV this month facilitating the procedure for Kosovo residents who apply for immigrant visas to live in the United States. Before, Kosovars had to go in Macedonia to apply for an IV at the US Embassy there.

US embassy warns Kosovo against KLA court abolishment


The US embassy is adopting measures against Kosovo leaders if they continue with the initiative to abolish the KLA court, according to US Consul Brian Corteville. A bad consequence would be the refusal of visas for them (as happened to Prime Minister Haradinaj), but other unspecified measures would be taken.

Turkey asks US for ‘immediate action’ in providing visa services to Turkish citizens


The Deputy Chief of Mission of the U.S. Embassy in Ankara was summoned to the Turkish Foreign Ministry on the morning of Oct. 9, following the U.S.’s decision to halt visa services in the country, according to sources. During the meeting, two general directors of the ministry asked the U.S. official to secure “immediate relief” to the unjust treatment of Turkish citizens, sources told the Hürriyet Daily News. Meanwhile, Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Ümit Yalçın spoke on the phone with U.S. Ambassador to Turkey John Bass late on Oct. 8, following the U.S Embassy statement announcing suspension of visa services. Sources say Ankara’s suspension of all non-immigrant visa services at Turkish diplomatic facilities in the U.S. in retaliation at the U.S. visa move will go into effect late on Oct. 9. The Turkish Foreign Ministry has already removed the e-visa application section for the U.S. from its official website.


Trump promises to “give peace a shot” before moving US embassy to Jerusalem


Trump promises to “give peace to a chance” before moving the embassy to Jerusalem “If we can make peace between the Palestinians and Israel, I think it will ultimately lead to peace in the Middle East”, says the president of the United States, adding , on the time frame for the change of the embassy: “We are about to make a decision in the not too far future”.


False alarm suspicious bag near US Embassy empty


A suspicious briefcase found near the US embassy in Tirana the police declared that the bomb alert was a fake. The discovery of a seemingly forgotten briefcase in proximity of the embassy walls on Friday alarmed the police. The bomb alert near the US Embassy followed by only few days a strong declaration of the US Ambassador Donald Lu for the crimes dominance in Albania.

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