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BiH needs cooperation to maintain peace and stability

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The Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH, Mladen Bosić, claimed that BiH needs firmer and better cooperation as well as more talks and negotiations in order to preserve regional peace and stability. Bosić also pointed out the importance of a more determined fight against crime and corruption, and the problem of rising populism, “strong leaders” and undermining democratic institutions. In BiH, organized crime, corruption and money laundering are a major problem. Stronger European support, exchange of experiences and better regional cooperation in the fight against crime, corruption and other deviations that are eroding BiH’s society, according to Bosić, are necessary. Therefore, accession of the country to the European Union would be much more than membership. 

$2.68 billion in humanitarian assistance


The Lebanese government plans to receive $ 2.68 billion in humanitarian assistance and investment in the country’s infrastructure and public services as part of the Lebanese Crisis Response Plan (LCRP). The LCRP 2018 package was announced on Thursday and funds will be used to provide humanitarian assistance to Syrian refugees, who are around 1.9 million, to Lebanese refugees and vulnerable Palestinians, as well as to invest in Lebanon’s infrastructure, public services and local economy. Over 123 national and international partners have pledged financial support to avoid a sharp deterioration of the country’s humanitarian conditions and infrastructure and, following the renewal of the commitment, the United Nations Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator, Philippe Lazzarini, said that preserving the stability of the Lebanon means maintaining tolerance, diversity and stability in the region.

RS President Dodik: the Serbian Republic does not support paramilitary units. The real threat: returning jihadists


After being accused by BiH’s defense minister Mektić of supporting paramilitary units, President of RS Dodik denies all accusations claiming that there is no evidence in favor of the allegations. In a letter sent to “The Guardian”, which first published on January 12th an article on the formation of paramilitary units in the Serbian Republic area, President Dodik highlights the risk that these allegations could cause to the stability and security of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is slowly but steadily overcoming the past conflict. President Dodik also states, in the letter, how these allegations are attempting to divert the public’s attention from BiH’s internal security threat posed by the presence of jihadist militants and returning Bosnian foreign fighters.

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