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Why Spain is right to defend its democracy in face of Catalonia crisis


According to the Dublin-based lawyer Isabel Foley there is the need to defend the Spanish constitution for several reasons. In her dissertation the Lawyer express her point of view through different points. Beginning with the recognition of the excessive violence of the police during the referendum, she recognizes also that this violence has been used by the separatists themselves to show a picture of Spain as an Authoritarian country. The second point of her dissertation regards the Constitution, defined as a “democratic document negotiated in 1978”, and in this part she explains the Constitution itself and that there is not a dictatorship in the Country. The article shows also, at point 3 and 4, two other main points. The first one regards the prohibition of secession, according to constitution, and the second one illustrates how the same Constitution of Spain gives a great autonomy to Catalonia and to its Parliament. The last two points emphasize how the Constitution can’t be “torn up by the illegal and seditious acts of a tiny minority of its people – a minority too of the people whom the Catalan separatists purport to represent.” and that the parties have to dialogue between each other, but, at the same time, the Central Government has the duty to protect the unity of Spain.

China offers support to Spanish government amid Catalonia crisis


China understands and supports the Spanish government’s efforts to protect the country’s unity and territorial integrity, Beijing said on Thursday, amid moves by Catalonia to declare independence.  Foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told a daily news briefing. China “understands and supports the Spanish government’s efforts to protect national unity … and its territorial integrity”, Hua said. It believes Spain has the ability to guarantee social order and people’s interests in accordance with the law, she said. Beijing says it adheres to a policy of non-interference in other countries’ internal affairs, but it generally takes a dim view of independence or secessionist movements around the world. hough it generally remains officially agnostic on such issues abroad, Beijing has expressed more openness towards independence votes when both sides have agreed to them, such as Scotland’s unsuccessful 2014 referendum to leave the United Kingdom, and South Sudan’s 2011 vote in favour of independence from Sudan.

Spanish flags in Madrid for unity and a white tide demands before the town councils “dialogue”


In Madrid, more than 50,000 people, according to the government sources, have come up to ask for unity and dialogue within the country according to what will happen next week when the Catalan parliament will meet to discuss the consequences of the referendum. The event was organized by Fundación Denaes, joined by Convivencia Cívica Cataluña, Hazte Oír and Foro de Guardias Civiles.

Big Ue relaunch web tax, change current tax revenue


Italy, French, Germany and Spain have a signed a common initiative to profoundly review the actual taxation system to assure a more efficient, fair and clear tax system. The four countries signed this common initiative 4 days before the meeting that will take place in Talllin. They propose to ensure that all the goods and service are subject to the same VAT wheter they are digital or physical, they also added that there shouldn’t be double standards because it can weaken competition. About the web tax the document reaffirmed the Ecofin’s approach, that implement the principle of a taxation based on where the revenues are generated, but that means that we should quit the idea of a permanent establishment of companies that collides with the new era of a digital business.


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