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The kidnappers of the Sudanese migrants were arrested


The Security Forces led by Al-Bunyan al-Marsous arrested in Sirte the kidnappers of the Sudanese migrants, who were in videos that have gone viral in Libya over the last days. The first video showed a man in extreme pain brunt with hot silicon, while the second one consisted of ten migrants lashed repeatedly on their backs.  Al-Bunyan al-Marsous said that the kidnappers were five Libyans and one man from Palestine, adding that the victims were transferred to Ibn Sina hospital in Sirte. The Sudanese Foreign Minister met the Libyan one to protest the videos showed the tortures.

Libya political stakeholders lash out at British Foreign Secretary over rude Sirte remarks


The Foreign Affairs Committee of House of Representatives and the Interim Government led by Abdullah Al-Thanni have strongly deplored British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson’s rude remarks about Sirte, regarding it “blatant interference in Libya’s internal affairs”. In a statement on Thursday, the Tobruk-based parliament committee said the “unacceptable remarks” of Britain’s top diplomat are “a violation of Libya’s sovereignty”, demanding a clarification and an apology to the Libyan people from the British government. The government accused Britain of supporting the Muslim Brotherhood group, Dignity Operation’s political foes, and working with other western countries to enable them to control the country for the interest of Britain. In Tripoli, the Presidential Council, which Britain recognizes, summoned British Ambassador to Libya Peter Millett and demanded a clarification for the remarks. Chairman of the Council Fayaz Sirraj told Ambassador Millett that Johnson’s remarks are unacceptable, but Millett explained that Johnson was referring to the bodies of ISIS militants. The High Council of State has not yet responded to Johnson’s remarks.

Public Prosecutor’s Office reveals results of interrogations on ISIS terror Group


The press conference at the Public Prosecutor’s Office in central Tripoli by the head of the Interrogations Office of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Siddiq Soor,was held to reveal the results of preliminary interrogations with ISIS captives held in custody after their loss in the war in Sirte. Some of the main revelations indicated thAt the very first man to introduce the idea of ISIS in Libya was a man by the name of Hassan Bilaraj, who was jailed in Iraq in 2005 yet returned to Libya in 2012. Bilaraj and his early associates planned the creation of three ISIS emirates in Libya; four main institutions would make up the foundation of each emirate.The main institutions were arms, recruitment, immigration and border control and finally media. Brigades were formed to protect these institutions, the main ones being Border Protection Brigades, Recruitment Brigades and the Desert Brigades. Looking at the slideshow presented by the Prosecutor’s Office, it was clear to see that the terror group was extremely organized and well on their way to creating a full functioning state.

Intelligence official: ISIS receives local and international support


ISIS fugitives in Libya are receiving national and international support, Chief of Military Intelligence of Al-Bonyan Al-Masrous Operation, Brig. Gen Mohammed Ganaidi, has revealed, adding that the military vehicles that the radical group is using around Sirte now had been imported from a Gulf state. Speaking to Alnabaa TV on Monday, Ganaidi said Dignity Operation had imported military vehicles from the United Arab Emirates, but they ended up in the hands of ISIS extremists. Ganaidi estimated that there are about 300 ISIS militants moving freely in south Sirte valleys and in the southern region, saying their forces are ready to confront ISIS or Dignity Operation militias if they come to Sirte.

Al-Bunyan Al-Marsoos officials: Sirte security force let down by Presidential Council


The Sirte security force was let down by all Libyan components including the Presidential Council, which formed it, the senior leader of the force – which is part of Al-Bunyan Al-Marsoos, Ali Rafida, has revealed. He added on Sunday that the Presidential Council is to blame for lack of logistic support, which led to inability to do security work in Sirte, saying treatment and salary payments for the force’s personnel have been neglected for over eight months. Meanwhile, the media office of Al-Bunyan Al-Marsoos said on Facebook Sunday that Mohammed Al-Haddad – the commander of the central military zone and appointed by the Presidential Council – checked on the Sirte security forces that are installed on all the city’s entrances and up to eastern Sirte.”We will talk to the concerned authorities for the needed support to fight off IS militants,” the commander told the forces, according to the media office.

IS terrorists seize areas on the road to their old stronghold, Sirte

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Terrorists from the Islamic State (IS) controlled Saturday evening the district of Wadi Al-Hamar – 90 km away from Sirte – and according to eyewitnesses, they set up checkpoints and kidnapped at least three people.The member of the House of Representatives (HoR) Amer Nasser, confirmed that IS militants had seized the district near Sirte. Meanwhile, Haftar’s forces have been besieging Al-Noufiliya area for two days and have kidnapped a number of men from there.Al-Noufiliya is an area so close to the Wadi Al-Hamar district, where IS militants made their fresh return. Dignity Operation sources said there is clear mobilization of forces in the aim to have control on the area from Ras Lanuf to Al-Arbaeen town in eastern Sirte, where IS militants are building up their return, according to Afrigate news website on Sunday.

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