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Taliban insurgents are pushing to capture Farah city


Some officials showed concern over Farah city’s  collapse to the Taliban insurgents, while security officials saying no such thing gone happen. “Last year, the Taliban militants were very close to provincial capital—Farah City, but faced utterly defeat” the provincial governor spokesman Naser Mehir said.  As part of their failure in last year, now the Taliban insurgent will do everything under their capacity to gain control of the province, Mehri said. Moreover, the Ministry of Defense (MoD) said that everything is under control. “In the past one week, the Afghan security forces killed more than 55 Taliban insurgents, and wounded 31 others in separate crackdowns against the militants”, MoD Deputy Spokesman, Mohammad Radmanish said. He added “The Taliban insurgents already received tooth-breaking response. The province will not collapse” However, the provincial council members reported that the Taliban insurgents are pushing to capture Farah City after a week of clashes with the security forces. They also reported casualties of the Afghan security forces by the Taliban.

RS President Dodik: the Serbian Republic does not support paramilitary units. The real threat: returning jihadists


After being accused by BiH’s defense minister Mektić of supporting paramilitary units, President of RS Dodik denies all accusations claiming that there is no evidence in favor of the allegations. In a letter sent to “The Guardian”, which first published on January 12th an article on the formation of paramilitary units in the Serbian Republic area, President Dodik highlights the risk that these allegations could cause to the stability and security of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is slowly but steadily overcoming the past conflict. President Dodik also states, in the letter, how these allegations are attempting to divert the public’s attention from BiH’s internal security threat posed by the presence of jihadist militants and returning Bosnian foreign fighters.

Kim Jong-un praises ‘perfect success’ of North Korea’s latest nuclear test as UN prepares to vote on tough new sanctions


North Korean leader Kim Jong-un praised the perfect success, and media reported that US drive for tough new sanctions. North Korean Leader called for redoubled efforts to complete the country’s mission to become a recognised nuclear power. Pyongyang says it needs nuclear arms to protect itself from the US, but US has accused the nation of begging for war. The UN Security Council, which is set to consider a new draft resolution presented by Washington that is “the toughest ever imposed on North Korea”. The US is calling for an oil embargo on the North, an assets freeze an ban on textiles and the end to payments of North Korean. China and Russia are thought to have raised opposition to the measures. The request for North Korea is abandon the nuclear programmes, missile programmes and to refrain from more testing, because this is a violation of several UN security resolutions and it’s a threat to international peace and stability.

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