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Thaci: Demarcation with Montenegro only Kosovo’s issue


Kosovo President Hashim Thaci who is staying in Washington, during an interview with the Voice of America commented on the Agreement on border demarcation with Montenegro, signed by him in 2015 in his capacity as foreign Minister of Kosovo. Current version of the Agreement is being disputed by newly elected prime minister Ramush Haradinaj. Ratification of the border Agreement is one of the last criteria for Kosovo to get visa liberalisation with the EU. Thaci also said how it is in the interest of both countries, and the region, as well as for the EU to have peace between Kosovo and Serbia. Peace between Kosovo and Serbia means stability in the region.

Serbs angry on their MPs for entering coalition with Haradinaj


Decision of Serbian MPs from Srpska List to be represented in the new Kosovo Government headed by Ramush Haradinaj has angered political entities representing Kosovo Serbs as well as opposition parties in Serbia.

Many Serbian citizens are criticising the decision of Srpska List to join Ramush Haradinaj’s Government composed of a coalition of former Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) commanders who fought against Serbian armed forces during the Kosovo war in 1998-99.One of the Serbs, Kuslo Guster, told media that Srpska List is trying to “justify” their action by lying. Also opposition political parties in Serbia have criticised the decision of Srpska to enter coalition with former KLA commanders.

Kosovo PM dismisses State Commision on setting border with Montenegro


Prime Minister, Ramush Haradinaj, during his first meeting of his cabinet on Monday has proposed for the state Commission on demarcation be dismissed and tasked former LDK MP Shpejtim Bulliqi to form a new team and create the new Commission. The Agreement signed in 2015 by the then former minister of Foreign Affairs, Hashim Thaci and minister of Interior Skender Hyseni was refused repeatedly by MPs in previous legislation, including Haradinaj who as MP of the opposition AAK was one of the loudest MP opposing the Agreement. Ratification of the Agreement on border delineation with Montenegro is one of the last remaining criteria for Kosovo citizens get visa liberalisation with the EU.

Thachi Nominates Haradinaj As PM


Kosovo’s president has named Ramush Haradinaj as prime minister-designate and given him the mandate to form a new government, apparently ending a months long political crisis in the Balkan country. Haradinaj told reporters in Pristina that he will present a new cabinet for approval by the parliament on September 9. “The duty of all of us is to revive the country and bring hope back”, he said. Veseli heads a three-party ruling coalition that backs Thaci, who headed the PDK before he resigned as required to assume the presidency. Saying there was no time to lose, Veseli urged the opposition to join the new government in passing reforms to improve the economy and to reduce unemployment. “There should be one joint stance on our agenda: Euro-Atlantic integration and backing dialogue with our neighbor Serbia”, said Veseli. There are about 120,000 ethnic Serbs in Kosovo and most of them, mainly in the north, oppose the Pristina authorities. Kosovar Albanians oppose greater autonomy for Serb-dominated municipalities, saying that this would give Belgrade more influence in the country.

Why Serbia must recognize Kosovo’s independence


According to David L. Phillips, director of the Program on Peace-building and Rights at Columbia University’s Institute for the Study of Human Rights. Brussels insists on normalizing relations with Kosovo before it can enter the European Union (EU). So far, 114 nations have recognized Kosovo’s independence. However, Serbia fights Kosovo’s efforts to gain greater recognition globally. It also supports private parallel structures in northern Kosovo, which undermine Kosovo’s sovereignty and foment disorder among Kosovo Serbs. The Kosovo-Serbia conflict can be resolved through more effective international mediation. Diplomacy works best when Europe and the United States work together.

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