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Khalifa Haftar: Libyan Army is launching legitimate war in Sabratha


Renegade Libyan General, Khalifa Haftar, has declared that one of the warring groups in Sabratha is affiliated with his self-styled army, saying the ongoing fighting in the city is legitimate. In a statement to Italy’s AKI news agency, Haftar revealed that the ISIS Fighting Operation Room is launching a legitimate war against the terrorists and human smugglers and traffickers. The power-obsessed General also denied social media claims of his meeting with Commander of Tripoli Revolutionaries’ Brigade, Haitem Tajouri, in France, saying he rejects “the principle of sitting down with leaders of undisciplined groups”. The ISIS Fighting Operation Room is made up of former army officers. It’s backed by a Salafist militia group called “Wadi Brigade”, which is controlled by followers of Madkhali sect and owes allegiance to Khalifa Haftar’s Dignity Operation. Dignity Operation spokesperson, Ahmed Al-Mismari, told Sky News Arabia TV on Sunday that the ISIS Fighting Operation Room and Wadi Salafist militia are their affiliates and they will continue the fighting until they eradicate the “terrorist groups” from Sabratha.

ISIS torches oil wells to slow advance of Iraqi forces near Hawija


Islamic State (ISIS) militants set fire to three oil wells near Hawija, west of Kirkuk, to slow down the advance of Iraqi forces, military and oil officials said. Iraqi security forces were using bulldozers to control the fires caused by the militants on Saturday (September 30) to slow down the advance of the Iraqi forces and Hashid al-Shaabi (Shia paramilitaries) towards Hawija, military officials said on Monday (October 2). “Terrorists are trying to use the rising smoke to avert air strikes while retreating from the area toward Hawija”, army Colonel Mohammed al-Jabouri said. Military officials said the fire of one of the wells had been controlled while the other two were still burning. The fires would take about three days to be put out, according to the officials.


Public Prosecutor’s Office reveals results of interrogations on ISIS terror Group


The press conference at the Public Prosecutor’s Office in central Tripoli by the head of the Interrogations Office of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Siddiq Soor,was held to reveal the results of preliminary interrogations with ISIS captives held in custody after their loss in the war in Sirte. Some of the main revelations indicated thAt the very first man to introduce the idea of ISIS in Libya was a man by the name of Hassan Bilaraj, who was jailed in Iraq in 2005 yet returned to Libya in 2012. Bilaraj and his early associates planned the creation of three ISIS emirates in Libya; four main institutions would make up the foundation of each emirate.The main institutions were arms, recruitment, immigration and border control and finally media. Brigades were formed to protect these institutions, the main ones being Border Protection Brigades, Recruitment Brigades and the Desert Brigades. Looking at the slideshow presented by the Prosecutor’s Office, it was clear to see that the terror group was extremely organized and well on their way to creating a full functioning state.

US air strikes kill 17 ISIL fighters in Libya


Six US air strikes on an ISIL desert camp in Libya killed 17 fighters and destroyed three vehicles, the first American attack in Libya since President Donald Trump took office in January. The Trump administration has reportedly moved to increase drone strikes in other countries. US Africa Command said in a statement on Sunday that strikes on Friday targeted a camp 240km southeast of Sirte, a city that was once the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant stronghold in Libya. The camp was used to move fighters in and out of Libya, plot attacks and store weapons, the statement said.

ISIS appeal remains, challenge for Kosovo, report warns


A new report, “The Islamic State Narrative in Kosovo Deconstructed One Story at a Time”, by the Kosovar
Center for Security Studies, KCSS, says Kosovo has much to do if it is to counter Islamic State’s appeal to Kosovo
citizens. Islamic State will remain a challenge for Kosovo until its institutions mount a comprehensive,
multifaceted campaign to combat its message and ‘narrative’. KCSS says blanket claims, ignorance and lack of
critical thinking are among the determining factors that have made the ISIS narrative appealing to Kosovo’s

Nine foreigners abducted from Ghani oilfield in 2015 killed by ISIS, Derna Shura Council confirms


The Security Brigade of Derna Shura Council unveiled Monday that the nine foreigners abducted by ISIS from Al-Ghani oil field in March 2015 had been executed. Derna Shura Council explained in a statement that its forces found in June 2015 five unidentified foreign bodies during a combing operation in the western part of the city following the defeat of ISIS.The Council linked the five bodies with the nine foreigners who had been reported missing after an ISIS attack on Al-Ghani oil field. Derna Shura Council deplored the brutal killing of the nine foreigners and confirmed it’s working to hand over the five bodies to their countries.The nine foreigners were abducted in an ISIS attack on Al-Ghani oil field on March 6, 2015. They were working for oilfield management company Value Added Oilfield Services (VAOS), an Austrian-owned company with offices in Tripoli and Malta.

ISIS news: More than 300 militants killed in Anbar in 5 days


More than 300 Islamic State militants have been killed in five days of airstrikes on the group’s locations in Anbar province, according to the Interior Ministry’s intelligence service. According to the intelligence cell, strikes by the Iraqi air forces killed 306 Islamic State members  from September 11th to 16th. The strikes hit targets in Akashat, Qaim, and Annah regions, the statement said. Earlier on Sunday, Alghad Press quoted a source saying that army troops opened al-Sakra barricade, opening the road to the IS-held town of Annah preparing for a “liberation offensive”.

Cairo facing calls to increase Sinai military presence


Following the recent killing of 18 soldiers in North Si­nai by Islamic State (ISIS) fighters, Cairo is facing rising calls to deploy more military forces against the group. They come despite legal restric­tions limiting the number and type of forces that Egypt can maintain on the restive Sinai Peninsula as part of the 1979 peace treaty with Israel.“True, the army has managed to reduce the capabilities of the Sinai terrorists… but Egypt needs to walk a long way until it declares the peninsula totally free of the terrorists”, said Samir Badawi, a retired army general. “This makes it necessary for the army to deploy heavy military equipment and more troops into Sinai, something currently prohibited by the secu­rity arrangements included in the peace treaty”.

Russian Aerospace Force eliminates IS “minister of war” — Defense Ministry


A command center and a communication hub have been destroyed and 40 militants of the Islamic State terror group were killed near the city of Deir ez-Zor, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

MOSCOW, September 8. /TASS/. Russian aircraft have delivered airstrikes near the Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor, destroying a militant command center and a communication hub, and eliminating four important field commanders, including IS “minister of war” Gulmurod Khalimov, the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement.

“As a result of a precision airstrike carried out by Russian warplanes near the city of Deir ez-Zor, a command center and a communication hub have been destroyed, while around 40 militants of the Islamic State terror group were killed,” the statement reads. “It has been confirmed that there are four important field commanders among the eliminated militants, including the so-called ‘Emir of Deir ez-Zor’ Abu Muhammad al-Shimali, who was responsible for financial affairs and the transfer of recruits to the IS training camps. It has also been established that the so-called ‘minister of war’ of the Islamic State terror group, Gulmurod Khalimov, was present at the meeting and died of fatal wounds”, the Russian Defense Ministry added. Khalimov was a former commander of the Tajik Interior Ministry’s special forces. In May 2015, together with six of his soldiers, he joined the IS. After Abu Omar al-Shishani was killed, Khalimov became the IS minister of war.

Intelligence official: ISIS receives local and international support


ISIS fugitives in Libya are receiving national and international support, Chief of Military Intelligence of Al-Bonyan Al-Masrous Operation, Brig. Gen Mohammed Ganaidi, has revealed, adding that the military vehicles that the radical group is using around Sirte now had been imported from a Gulf state. Speaking to Alnabaa TV on Monday, Ganaidi said Dignity Operation had imported military vehicles from the United Arab Emirates, but they ended up in the hands of ISIS extremists. Ganaidi estimated that there are about 300 ISIS militants moving freely in south Sirte valleys and in the southern region, saying their forces are ready to confront ISIS or Dignity Operation militias if they come to Sirte.

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