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Top Commander: Iranian Forces Fighting against Terrorism in Regional States despite US Plots


Chief of Staff of Iran’s Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri underlined that his forces are cooperating with the regional countries in the fight against the terrorist groups despite the opposition and obstacles imposed by the US. “Despite all plots and schemes by the enemies, specially the US, which are hatched and implemented everyday, the Armed Forces are successfully conducting their mission to safeguard the country’s security and help fight against terrorism in neighboring countries”, General Baqeri said, addressing a forum in Tehran on Monday. He added that the Syrian and Iraq armies and their allies’ victories against terrorist groups in Aleppo and Mosul are inspired by the Iranian forces’ holy defense during the imposed war (1980-1988) which was supported by the western powers.

Iran Never to Allow Foreigners to Inspect Its Military Sites: MP


A senior Iranian lawmaker denounced the US call for inspection of Iran’s military sites, stressing that the Islamic Republic will never allow foreign sides to inspect its military centers. There is no connection between the country’s military centers and its nuclear activities, Spokesperson for the Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Hossein Naqavi Hosseini underlined in an interview with Tasnim. He added that Iran’s military sites are top secret and their “doors are closed to strangers forever”. The official advised US officials to avoid speaking about Iran’s redlines and instead fulfil their commitments under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the 2015 nuclear deal between the Group 5+1 (Russia, China, the US, Britain, France and Germany).


Iran Has Marginalized US in Region: IRGC Commander

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Lieutenant Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Brigadier General Hossein Salami highlighted Iran’s growing power in the Middle East and said the balance of power in the region has changed in favor of the Islamic Republic.The commander further pointed to the return of the body of an Iranian military adviser who was recently decapitated by the Daesh (ISIS or ISIL) terrorist group in Syria, saying that it indicated Iran’s power over hegemonic states and their mercenaries in the region. Lebanese Hezbollah Resistance Movement on Thursday received the body of Martyr Hojaji from Daesh based on a ceasefire deal between the two sides. The transfer of Lebanon’s captured soldiers and two martyrs, as well as the body of Martyr Hojaji, took place after the buses carrying Daesh militants and their families arrived in the ancient city of Palmyra in Homs Province. In recent years, the Middle East region has been plagued with Takfiri terrorist groups like Daesh that are believed to have been created and supported by the West and some regional Arab countries.

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