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Congress votes to reopen government, passes budget deal


Congress ended an hourslong federal government shutdown early Friday, sending President Donald Trump a $400 billion budget deal that sharply boosts spending and swells the federal deficit. The White House said Trump would sign the measure Friday morning. The 240-186 vote came in the pre-dawn hours, putting to bed a five-and-a-half hour federal freeze that relatively few would notice. Many who did quickly labeled it a pointless, head-scratching episode. The shutdown was the second in three weeks. The breakdown came largely in the Senate, when after a day of inaction, Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky went rogue and stalled a vote in protest over his party’s willingness to bust the budget. But Democrats also had their divisions and wrangling, largely with liberal upset the measure was not tied to any plans to assist the “Dreamer” immigrants.

Libya: the disappearance of 100 illegal migrants

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Today the Libyan Coast Guard has announced that a boat capsized off the coast of Khoms, 100 kilometres east of the capital Tripoli and 100 illegal migrants, from different African nations, were believed missing at sea. It added that 279 other migrants were rescued. In addition the Information Office of Libyan Navy said that that 262 illegal migrants were rescued by the boat Sabratha and arrived at the Tripoli naval base in Abu Sitta.

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