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 Germany to provide EUR 750,000 for Maltese Relief Service projects in Ukraine


Germany will provide an additional EUR 750,000 for humanitarian projects of the Maltese Relief Service in Ukraine in 2018-2019, the German Embassy in Ukraine has reported. “The government of the Federal Republic of Germany will continue to provide support to the Maltese Relief Service to continue its humanitarian assistance project with the aim of psychosocial care of persons affected by the conflict in eastern Ukraine. For this purpose, Germany will allocate about EUR 750,000 in 2018-2019”, the embassy said in a statement on Thursday. The project provides for the development of skills of representatives of local authorities, humanitarian agencies and support services in the form of training events, as well as providing direct services to support those affected by the conflict in Donbas. The embassy said that earlier this project received EUR 1.2 million in support from the German government. The diplomats said that target areas of the measures are Donetsk and Luhansk regions, where mobile teams are deployed to help people in remote areas.

Foreign Minister Klimkin: UN draft resolution on peacekeepers in Donbas practically ready


Ukraine, the United States, Germany, and France have practically prepared a joint draft UN resolution on the deployment of a peacekeeping mission in Donbas. In a commentary to the Podrobnosti Ukrainian media outlet, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin noted that he had agreed with U.S. Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations Kurt Volker on the basic parameters of the resolution during a recent conversation. “The wording of the resolution, our draft, is practically ready. [We cooperate in drafting the document with] the United States, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. The main point is that the whole territory is occupied. We have a plan for further exerting pressure”, the Foreign Minister of Ukraine said. He stressed that the timeline of the peacekeeping mission had not yet been considered, and the issue of its composition and numerical strength would be discussed later.

China willing to promote cooperation with Germany: Premier Li


Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said Tuesday that Beijing is willing to join Berlin in promoting bilateral cooperation to a higher level. Li made the remarks in a telephone conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The two heads of government spoke highly of the new progress the two sides have achieved over the past year in bilateral ties and cooperation. He also noted that the annual meeting between the Chinese premier and the German chancellor has also been fruitful, adding that the two countries have maintained fine communication and coordination over regional and international affairs. Li said China would like to maintain high-level exchanges with the German side, and ensure the new round of China-Germany Inter-Governmental Consultation a success so as to promote bilateral cooperation to a deeper, broader and higher level. Beijing welcomes businesses of all nations, including those from Germany, to expand their investment in China, and conduct technology and knowledge cooperation, Li said. For her part, Merkel said both Germany and China are committed to promoting bilateral ties, adding that her country is willing to keep up with the high-level exchanges with the Chinese side, strengthen their communication and coordination, get the preparations for the new round of the inter-governmental consultation started as soon as possible, and deepen trade cooperation for mutual benefits.

Theresa May’s Brexit plans in ruins after France and Germany ‘reject transitional arrangement’


France and Germany will oppose, according to the Financial Times, the proposal of T. May for a transitional agreement, putting their vetoes on the issue. This will happen at least until the issue of “divorce law” will be resolved. The position of the two countries towards Brexit is therefore very tough and few concessions at Great Britain will be made in this regard.

Germany keen on continued cooperation with Egypt: Merkel tells Sisi


Germany is keen on continuing to boost economic relations with Egypt, German Chancellor Angela Merkel told Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi in a phone call on Wednesday, according to statement by the presidency. El-Sisi congratulated Merkel for winning her fourth term as Chancellor in September.Merkel stressed the importance of continued coordination and intensive dialogue between the two countries on a number of regional issues. The two leaders also discussed strengthening relations and keeping an open line of communication on issues that would contribute to achieving security and stability in the Middle East. Germany and Egypt have been boosting economic and political ties over the past few years, with Egypt repeatedly stressing its appreciation for Germany’s support on economic and security issues, including irregular migration.In 2015, German company Siemens signed an 8 billion euro ($9.05 billion) deal with Egypt to build gas and wind power plants in the country.

Big Ue relaunch web tax, change current tax revenue


Italy, French, Germany and Spain have a signed a common initiative to profoundly review the actual taxation system to assure a more efficient, fair and clear tax system. The four countries signed this common initiative 4 days before the meeting that will take place in Talllin. They propose to ensure that all the goods and service are subject to the same VAT wheter they are digital or physical, they also added that there shouldn’t be double standards because it can weaken competition. About the web tax the document reaffirmed the Ecofin’s approach, that implement the principle of a taxation based on where the revenues are generated, but that means that we should quit the idea of a permanent establishment of companies that collides with the new era of a digital business.


Meta-Steinmeier : excellent ties


Albanian Presdiente Ilir Meta held an official visit to the Federal Republic of Germany at the inivtation of his counterpart Frank-Walter Steimeier.  Meta expressed gratitude to Germany for support and assistance it has provived Albania and Albanian people in the process of EU integration and NATO membership. The two presidents evaluated completion of ratification procedures by the two sides of agreement in the field of social insurrances.President Steinmeier appreciated very important relations between Germany and Albania and emphasized that this visit is the best evidence  of theese special relations.

Germany ‘rejects 5,000 Turkish asylum applications’


Germany’s immigration authority has rejected more than 5,000 asylum applications filed by Turkish citizens. The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) had ruled on 8,547 asylum applications in 2017 filed by Turkish citizens, and rejected 5,040 of them. German diplomats said although asylum applications by Turkish citizens had increased since last year’s failed coup attempt in Turkey, the vast majority of asylum applications were filed by citizens of Kurdish origin. The asylum applications of ex-officials involved in the attempted July 2016 military takeover in Turkey has been a source of growing tension between Ankara and Berlin.

Germany suspending arms exports to Turkey will hurt anti-terror fight, EU Min. Çelik says


Germany putting arms exports to Turkey on hold will seriously damage fight against anti-terrorism, which will in turn pose threat to Europe’s security, EU Minister Ömer Çelik said Tuesday, shortly after German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel announced Berlin’s decision. Çelik said that Turkey effectively fights terrorist groups to not only protect its own borders, but also Europe’s. German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel announced Monday that his country put most arms exports to Turkey on hold amid ongoing tensions between the two countries. Ankara has singled out Germany among European countries for embracing some 250 fugitive diplomats and soldiers accused of involvement in the coup with suspected links to FETÖ.

Defense Ministry surprised at statement from German military authority about West-2017


The Russian Defense Ministry is surprised at the statement made by German’s Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen claiming 100,000 Russian military will be involved in the Russia-Belarus West-2017 exercise, spokesman of the Russian authority Igor Konashenkov said on Saturday. “We are surprised at the statement, made by the German defense minister, Ms. Ursula von der Leyen, as she quoted the unreasonable figures concerning claimed 100,000 Russian military to be involved in the West-2017 exercise and about consequent threats to Europe”, the spokesman said. “The German side was notified and it has received all the exhaustive information about the plot, defense character and real numbers of the Russian military involved in the West-2017 exercise”. The joint strategic exercise Zapad-2017 is scheduled for September 14-20. Six proving grounds in Russia and Belarus will be used. It is expected that 12,700 troops will take part (about 10,200 in Belarus) and 680 pieces of military equipment. The Belarussian Defense Ministry has dispatched invitations to monitors from seven countries and a number of international organizations, including NATO, CSTO, CIS, UN and OSCE. Russia, too, has invited senior officials from a number of foreign defense ministries to see the final phase of the exercise.


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