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Ahmed Al-Kaldi

Saudi Arabia foils Daesh plot targeting defense ministry


Saudi security forces have foiled a terror plot by the Daesh group targeting the Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense. The security force captured two would-be suicide bombers identified as Ahmed Al-Kaldi and Ammar Mohammad, before they could reach their targets. Initial investigation showed that they are both Yemeni nationals living in Saudi Arabia under fake names. Two Saudi nationals were also arrested and they are being investigated for possible involvement with the other terrorist. The security operation also resulted in the seizure of two explosive belts, each weighing 7 kilograms, as well as 9 hand grenades and other weapons. The presidency also announced the capture of an intelligence cell consisting of a number Saudi and non-Saudi men working with foreign agencies against the security of the Kingdom in order to stir discord and strife amongst people. Both cases are currently under investigation.

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