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Protest rally outside Bardo Palace against procrastination in examination of draft law on criminalisation of normalisation with Zionist entity


The Civil and Political Coalition “Tunisians for Palestine” on Friday organised a protest rally outsite the Bardo Palace to protest against the procrastination of the parliament in complicity with the executive power in examining the draft law on the criminalisation of normalisation with the Zionist entity. This protest rally coincides with the review by the Parliamentary Committee on Rights and Freedoms of the bill in question. The Committee has decided to postpone the examination of the draft law on the criminalisation of normalisation with the Zionist State, following a majority vote of the members for the reorganisation of the timetable for the examination of draft law according to their priority. According to coalition coordinator Slah Daoudi, the protesters are calling for the acceleration of the review of the bill in question and taking the necessary steps to vote it before its consideration in plenary session as of February 20, 2018.

Jhinaoui meets with President of National US-Arab Chamber of Commerce


Foreign Minister Khemaies Jhinaoui on Friday held talks with President of National US-Arab Chamber of Commerce (NUSACC) David Hammoud on strengthening bilateral trade relations, the ministry said in a statement. Khemaies Jhinaoui placed emphasis on “the importance of developing cooperation with this organisation to open up new prospects for exports of Tunisian products to the US market and consolidate the links between businessmen and business leaders from both countries in order to explore new prospects for partnership”. In turn, David Hammoud stressed his organisation’s will to help Tunisian companies to establish partnerships with their American counterparts in all fields. He also stressed the consolidation of ties between the two parties, so as to create a new dynamic for bilateral trade and allow local businesses to access US markets.

Nigeria to send troops to restive central states


Major General David Ahmadu of Nigeria’s army, on Wednesday 7th of February, said it would send troops from February 15 into the country’s volatile central states to quell violence between farmers and herders that has killed hundreds in recent weeks, particularly in Benue, Taraba and Nasarawa state.

Mahmoud Warfali was released

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The media office of the Al-Saiqa Force announced that Mahmoud al-Werfalli was released after one day of investigations on the crimes committed by him. January 24 he conducted a summary execution of ten prisoners in front of the Al-Ridwan mosque in Benghazi, the same place where the day before two car bombings killed 40 people.  The media said that al Werfalli is free and he is working. Last night Benghazi was blocked by protesters loyal to him.

El-Sisi met the UAE leaders in Abu Dhabi


An official statement of the Egyptian presidency said that El-Sisi had a meeting with the Prime Minister, the Vice President, the Crown Prince  of Abu Dabi and the Deputy Supreme Commander  of the UAE in Abu Dhabi. The discussion concerned bilateral relations and ways to boost cooperation between the two countries. Furthermore they discussed about cooperation in counterterrorism between Arab countries. The state news agency of the UAE said that the relations between the two countries are based on strong foundations of consensus. The Egyptian President visited the UAE after his first meeting in Oman  with Sultan Qaboos Bin Said.

UPC and FPRC responsible for the death of 17 civilians in a hospital of Ippy

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The mission of the United Nations in the Central African Republic (Minusca) has exposed, on Monday 5th of February, the report about the death, happened in December 2017, of 17 civilians in the attack to a hospital in Ippy, a city situated 113 km from Bambari, in the prefecture of Ouaka. The killings are attributed to the armed groups Unity of peace of CAR (UPC) Africa and Patriotic Front for the Renaissance of Central Africa (FPRC). “The militiants of UPC and FPRC have surrounded the hospital the 12th of December and they have indiscriminately opened the fire on the civil personnel and on the patients of the hospital, killing 12 men, a woman, three children and a child”.

Surrender of a terrorist in Tamanrasset


As part of the fight against terrorism and thanks to the efforts of the National People’s Army units, a terrorist a terrorist surrendered to the Tamanrasset military authorities. His name is “Kh. K. Benmoussa “alias” Abu Mohamed”, who joined the terrorist groups in 2013.

Algeria ranked 172nd in the index of economic freedom


As in 2017, Algeria ranked 172nd in the index of economic freedom established by the American Institute “Heritage Institute” for the year 2018. Thus according to this ranking, Algeria has obtained low marks in the various economic and political indicators on which the 186 countries included in the report were evaluated.The document from the American Institute gave Algeria a score of 44.7 points out of a total of 100 in the index of economic freedom, and even though Algeria has kept the same place in this ranking as the year last, it is ranked 14th and last in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, and saw its score fall by 1.8 points because of “a decline in property rights and freedom of investment.The report noted that “the Algerian economy remains dominated by the state, a legacy of the post-independence socialist development model of the country”. He also noted that “in recent years, the government has made little progress in improving fiscal governance, ending privatization of state-owned industries, and limiting imports and foreign engagement in its economy.Heritage Institute establish this ranking on the index of economic freedoms, based on four main indicators subdivided into several sub-indices: the rule of law (property rights, government integrity, judicial efficiency), the size the government (government spending, tax burden, tax health), regulatory efficiency (freedom of business, freedom of work, monetary freedom), market openness (freedom of trade, freedom of investment, financial freedom).

Framework agreement between Tunisia and ITFC could be renewed


Minister of Development, Investment and International Co-operation Zied Laadhari and Chief Executive Officer of the International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation (ITFC), a member of the Islamic Development Organisation (IsDB) Hani Salem Sonbol discussed at a meeting Monday in Tunis the possibility of renewing the framework agreement signed between Tunisia and ITFC, on the occasion of IsDB annual meetings to be held in Tunis in early April.The two officials reviewed the opportunities to strengthen cooperation between Tunisia and ITFC in the coming period.They called for mobilising all available means and mechanisms to develop and diversify this partnership, like the Aid for Trade Initiative for Arab States (AfTIAS) and the Arab-Africa Trade Bridge.

2018 will be highly important year for partnership between Tunisia and EU


Foreign Minister Khemais Jhinaoui, who is visiting Brussels on Monday, said that 2018 will be a very important year for partnership between Tunisia and the European Union. A partnership which, he said, has reached “a maturity” reflected in particular by the move to “a higher level of the EU’s commitment to Tunisia” and the launching of a reflection on the future of post-2020 relations, which requires “a renewed, more inclusive partnership based on common democratic values”. The minister said he had discussed with Ms. Mogherini EU financial support to Tunisia in particular regarding the release of the second tranche of the 150 million Euro macro-financial assistance.He also said that Tunisia and the EU have agreed to move to a higher level in terms of mobility and exchanges between young people and strengthening programmes for Tunisian youth. We have, he explained, examined the possibilities of implementing new initiatives dedicated to youth such as Erasmus + for young entrepreneurs and Erasmus + for young apprentices.

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