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Egyptian FM Shoukry to attend tripartite meeting in Khartoum on Nile dam deadlock


In November of last year delegations from Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia met in Cairo to approve a study by a French firm tasked with assessing the environmental and economic impact of the dam on downstream countries. But negotiations stalled. Now FM Shoukry will fly to Khartoum for talks with Sudanese and Ethiopian officials aimed at resolving the impasse over the hydroelectric dam Addis Ababa is building on a Nile tributary. Cairo fears that the dam will reduce the supply of Nile water. Ethiopia, which is the only one financing the dam, affirms that the project will not harm Egypt, while Sudan underlined that it will provide the country with energy and irrigation.

Wang Yi “China’s reform and opening up is in line with the interests of the Chinese people”


China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi, speaking at a business conference as part of the Greater Mekong Subregion Summit in Hanoi, in Vietnam, said China wants to share its development opportunities with other countries, but protectionism will mean closing the door into China. “China’s reform and opening up is in line with the interests of the Chinese people, and will also benefit other countries” Wang said, adding China will provide an even better investment environment for foreign companies, but he also added “Opening up should work both ways. China opens itself to other countries and hopes others will be open to China”.

Wang also said the country’s reform and opening up policy will neither be changed nor be affected by any external factors, referring to U.S. President Donald Trump’s move last week to slap up to $60 billion in tariffs on some Chinese imports.

Gao Feng, “The practices of the United States are like opening Pandora’s Box”


China’s commerce ministry, said the U.S. approach on trade sets a bad precedent that could trigger a domino effect, so the United States must stop its wrong actions and withdraw from its unilateralism. Ministry spokesman Gao Feng also told the U.S. trade measures on China were typical trade protectionism and reflected a Cold War attitude. “The malicious practices of the United States are like opening Pandora’s Box, and there is a danger of triggering a chain reaction that will spread the virus of trade protectionism across the globe” the spokesman added.

China in fact would take all possible steps to protect its interests and was confident in its ability to counter any trade and investment protectionism. Itcould target a broad range of U.S. businesses from agriculture to aircraft, autos, semiconductors and even services if the trade conflict escalates.

Edi Rama, “The debate on the users’ fee in the Nation’s Road is worthloss”


Prime Minister Edi Rama today said that the debate on the users’ fee in the Nation’s Road is worthloss, as Albania is the only country in Europe and region where no roads are paid. In his speech to the Assembly, after the debate on the tariff on the Nation’s Road, Rama added that the debate on this topic, according to him, is not worth it, it is a debate that there are no two sides discussing on the path of reason, but there is a side that walks in the way of reason and another side that is not responsible for what it says.

Rama said that the decision is not about a tax, because it is not a tax, is the fee for the Nation Street user originated in 2010 with Sali Berisha. Rama explained that Berisha has taken the initiative to open this process and has publicy stated rarely in his career that which today as always denies: now the Government have to built but to maintain it it can not hold it but this is not a word of mouth, because the inability to maintain has brought significant degradations to that axis throughout these years.

Indian’s minister confirms his cooperation in Afghanistan


India’s minister for external affairs said in Tashkent his country’s development assistance stands at $3 billion USD, adding that his country will continue to help rebuild Afghanistan and turn it into a stable economy. According to the minister, last year India embarked upon the New Development Partnership, which will support
116 ‘High Impact Community Development Projects’ in Afghanistan according to the priorities of the Afghan government. They include large scale projects such as drinking water for Kabul city and low-cost housing for returning Afghan refugees.

Akbar said that India’s other key priority is helping Afghanistan in building “robust, reliable and year-round connectivity, improving trade and investment relations of Afghanistan with prominent markets in the region and beyond”. He also said that the Indian grant aid of 170,000 tons of wheat supplies to Afghanistan is currently transiting through Chabahar (Port in Iran). Furthermore, the India-Afghanistan air freight corridor helps the connection between the countries. In fact, over 110 flights have carried over 2,000 tons of exports from Afghanistan to India worth over tens of millions of dollars.


Trump talks with Macron and Merkel about China trade practices


U.S. President Donald Trump discussed trade practices with China in calls on Tuesday with French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the White House said. Trump and Merkel also discussed “joining forces to counter” China’s economic practices and alleged intellectual property theft, the White House said, in what would be a further escalation of Trump’s trade actions against China.

The U.S. president also pushed for intensifying cooperation with Turkey on Syria in his call with Macron, according to the White House.

Mafia welcoming in Economy Minister Bekteshi’s cabinet


The Cabinet of the Minister of Economy Kreshnik Bekteshi set a trap for the editor of the web portal Zhurnal, Behgjet Musliu, when about three weeks ago he was called to a meeting at the ministry, so that the mayor of Kicevo appear there. The meeting was preceded by threats after Zhurnal published an article about the wasteful spending from the budget of municipality of Kicevo. At the meeting at the Ministry of Economy, the editor was pressured and forced by the mayor of Kicevo, Fatmir Dehari, to hear everything he had to tell him. Musliu told Republika about the whole case and said that Economy Minister, who is also from Kicevo, was most likely behind it, with the ultimate goal the medium not to criticize mayor Dehari in the future.

Musliu concluded saying that when he sat into the room, the mayor accompanied with another person entered and addressed him with a tone as if he had cought him in something. Then the Mayor began to tell him that he is a good man and that Musliu has a good family and he should live peacefully.

Libya reports oil losses of 144 million dollars due to PFG protest


Mellitah Oil and Gas company has reported a monthly loss of more than 2.16 million bpd of crude oil due to the continued closure of the Al-Feel oil field. Negotiations with the southern branch of Petroleum Facilities Guard, which closed the oil file to protest the delay in the payment of their salaries, have not led to any positive results.

This shows that the United States want to help Colombia ‘: Reyes


This Friday the United States approved almost US $ 400 million dollars to support the country in the fight against narcotics and the implementation of peace agreements throughout this 2018. In an interview with EL TIEMPO, the Colombian ambassador to the White House, Camilo Reyes, explained the important development and what follows in the process to ensure this support in 2019.

Albania and Switzerland sign 2 agreements of 8.2 mln Euro


Deputy Prime Minister, Senida Mesi, received on Friday Ambassador Ruth Huber, the Head of Cooperation with Eastern Europe at the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

During the meeting they signed two agreements that provide funding and technical support in the areas of governance and economy: the first one for the Decentralisation and Local Development Programme (dldp) and the second one for RisiAlbania, a youth employment programme. Both projects amount to just over 8.2 million Euro and are extensions of previous phases of Swiss support for Albania. The interlocutors discussed also about Swiss government support regarding civil emergency and natural disaster cases. After the signing of the two agreements, in her greeting speech Mesi stressing the long-term cooperation of more than 25 years of Albania with Switzerland, underlined the two projects as very important and with successful results in their previous phases.

Among others Mesi expressed special thanks for the Swiss Cooperation Strategy 2018-2021 which was presented a few weeks ago and emphasized that the long-term cooperation between the two countries is a crear indication that the Swiss government is there to help and support Albania in all its initiatives and that the latter is fully engaged to reach the objectives.


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