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New strategy for peace


The High Peace Council (HPC) said it has outlined a new strategy as part of the peace and reconciliation efforts with the armed oppositions including the Taliban. Habiba Sarabi, the Deputy Chairperson of the High Peace Council said that last year, for six months the HPC worked hard for peace and bringing stability in the country. The strategic objectives in the new policy include negotiation with armed people who fighting against the government, national consensus and monitoring on the political agreements agreements between the government and oppositions. Sarabi stressed that they have set up some advisory boards for the High Peace Council including women, youth and religious scholars boards as a move to take the public advisory for peace process. “We have to change culture of violence to culture of peace, from homes, villages and local level”, Habiba Sarabi said.

7 policemen killed in Farah


A member of Farah Provincial Council said that Seven Afghan police officers were killed by Taleban while two surrendered. The attack took place early in Friday morning while the policemen were in their highway security checkpoint in Bala Buluk in Farah provinces. The Taliban insurgents also took all weapons and ammunitions with them, he said, adding that Taliban insurgents also sustained casualties. However he gave no exact numbers of Taliban insurgents killed or wounded. The official said that Taliban were equipped with modern weapons, and that’s the main reason of wars in the province. However, in a separate incident, the Afghan security forces have killed three Taliban insurgents in Qala-i-Kah district of the province.

15 airstrikes launched on Dhamar


The US-backed Saudi-led aggression coalition warplanes on Friday launched 15 strikes on Dhamar province.Three airstrikes were launched on the stadium sports in Dhamar city, causing the destruction of its stands and sports clubs. Other two air raids were carried out on the Central Security Forces camp in the customs neighborhood, causing heavy damage to the houses of the neighboring citizens. The air aggression waged two raids on military police camp in Dhamar-alGarn, and three airstrikes hit Industrial Technical Institute in Thi-sehr area of Ans district, causing the destruction of workshops, laboratories and halls of the Institute. The last five airstrikes were waged on Samh camp of Ans district.


Mock peacekeeping efforts


A Ukrainian military expert, Candidate of Military Sciences, Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor, former deputy chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lt. Gen. (Rtd)Ihor Romanenko says Russian President Vladimir Putin, who on Thursday declared readiness to return military equipment from the occupied Crimea to Ukraine, wants to present himself as a peacemaker and improve his international image. “This is an opportunity to show himself as a peacemaker. In this regard, we hear concessions on the introduction of UN peacekeepers in eastern Ukraine, and a number of other points. Putin is looking at other steps toward Ukraine”, the general said.

Iraqi troops prepare to invade IS members hiding in village, south of Mosul


Speaking to BasNews website, Col. Falah Aref, an officer from the Joint Operations Command, announced that Iraqi troops are preparing to invade Hawija village, a village in south of Mosul between Qayyarah and Hammam al-Alil towns, into which tens of Islamic State militants infiltrated. “Joint troops of army and police as well as Rapid Response forces are getting ready to invade Hawija village, which has wide areas of forests, helping militants to hide there”, he added. Col. Aref said that the invasion will be backed by Iraqi fighter jets, after evacuating the residents through safe passageways, adding that “The presence of IS members in the village endangers security of the south of Mosul”. In July, Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi declared victory over IS militants who had held the second largest Iraqi city since 2014. More than 25,000 Islamic State militants were killed throughout the campaign. Last month, Abadi announced full recapture of Iraqi lands, declaring end of war against IS members.

The US State Department warns its citizens to visit Algeria


The United States of America has ranked Algeria in category 2 of the countries in which US citizens must not go. The US State Department has issued a list of high-risk countries for its nationals. This list ranks Algeria in category 2, where the degree of the terrorist threat is high. “Most attacks take place in rural areas, but attacks in urban areas are possible despite a high and active police presence”, the US State Department adds, adding that “the US government has limited resources to provide emergency services outside the wilaya of Algiers because of travel restrictions imposed by the Algerian government on US officials”.

At least 30 militants, including Pakistani killed in airstrikes


At least 21 militants, including Pakistani nationals, have been killed in the latest airstrikes carried out in the western Farah province of Afghanistan, near Khak-e-Safid district. Heavy and light weapons have been discovered and seized and three vehicles belonging to the militants were also destroyed in the airstrikes. No insurgent group has commented on the incident so far.

Israeli army imposes partial lockdown on West Bank City


The Israeli army took office in the city of Nablus and neighboring villages in the West Bank on Wednesday, establishing roadblocks at all entrances and exits after a terrorist attack in the area led to the killing of an Israeli man on Tuesday night, the rabbi 35-year-old Raziel Shevach. The Israeli defense forces said an armed man opened fire on his car. The army searched the villages in the area overnight in search of the terrorists behind the attack and reinforcements were sent to the area to watch the operations. On Wednesday night, together with the Shin Bet security service and the Israeli police, the IDF arrested 11 Palestinians from the West Bank and the Jordan Valley for their suspected role in other cases of terror and disorder. During one of the arrests in the city of Jericho, the Palestinians set fire to rubbish bins and tires, also threw bricks and stones to the forces leading the army to shoot at the main rioters. The Shin Bet then declared that the “funds of terror” worth thousands of shekels were confiscated.

Israel: arrow 3 missile test called off


For the second time in two months, the Ministry of Defense has canceled the test of the latest Arrow-3 system. Moshe Patel, director of the Israel Missile Defense Organization, said the Arrow-3 test – a joint project by the Israeli Ministry of Defense and the American Missile Defense Agency – was discontinued after a problem in data transfer was recognized from the ground system. The interceptor missile was never launched and so Patel emphasizes that we should not talk about a failed test, but rather borrow the name given to it by test engineers: “No test”. In December, a system test was stopped after a fault was discovered in a target missile, where the missile simulator was fired – which was supposed to simulate a ballistic missile fired at Israel. According to Boaz Levy, executive director and executive vice president of Systems, Missiles & Space Group of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), the problem detected during the December test was resolved and was not related to the Wednesday defect. It is believed that the latest generation of the Arrow-3 system has better interception capabilities, capable of intercepting ballistic missiles even when they are still outside the Earth’s atmosphere and is considered one of the best in the world thanks to its revolutionary technological capabilities that allow him to perform at a much higher altitude and much further from Israeli soil.

Iran: major General Baqeri says that most cases of the deaths in the riots are suspicious


Speaking to reporters in Tehran on Wednesday, Major General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri, chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, denounced US allegations against Iran over deaths in the recent riots, saying that the US are themselves a symbol of oppression of people, having a long record of barbarism and crimes against humanity, and have no right to accuse a nation whose officials are elected by the people. He stressed that in the riots over the past weeks, none of the security forces carried combat weapons to deal with the demonstrators. Major General Baqeri also warned of enemy plots to blame the government for the deaths in recent riots, most of which, he said, occurred in suspicious circumstances: most cases of the deaths in the riots are suspicious because those killed have been shot from behind and the shootings have taken place in unknown areas. Security forces say many rioters arrested in the recent unrest have been trained by the MKO terrorists or had links with the Takfiri terrorist groups.

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