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Edi Rama, “The debate on the users’ fee in the Nation’s Road is worthloss”


Prime Minister Edi Rama today said that the debate on the users’ fee in the Nation’s Road is worthloss, as Albania is the only country in Europe and region where no roads are paid. In his speech to the Assembly, after the debate on the tariff on the Nation’s Road, Rama added that the debate on this topic, according to him, is not worth it, it is a debate that there are no two sides discussing on the path of reason, but there is a side that walks in the way of reason and another side that is not responsible for what it says.

Rama said that the decision is not about a tax, because it is not a tax, is the fee for the Nation Street user originated in 2010 with Sali Berisha. Rama explained that Berisha has taken the initiative to open this process and has publicy stated rarely in his career that which today as always denies: now the Government have to built but to maintain it it can not hold it but this is not a word of mouth, because the inability to maintain has brought significant degradations to that axis throughout these years.

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