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National Energy Strategy in Albania, Edi Rama’s ambition

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During the presentation of the National Energy Strategy, Prime Minister Edi Rama brought to the attention the collapse in this sector a few years ago and the achievements in recent years. According to Rama, the government made the important transformation in every respect, ranging from establishing legality in the energy sector and transforming the company from a risky asset to an asset that is estimated today day after day. Regarding the energy market, Rama stressed that a courageous liberalization process was undertaken, while it is foresees that in the space of a few years Albania has a 100 per cent open energy market.

According to him, it will create a new atmosphere in the relationship between consumers and energy distribution sector, leading to a degree the company’s efficiency. Rama concluded saying that Albania has started work and by end of the year albanians are ready to offer citizens the opportunity to partecipate as shareholders with the ambition that next year the company will turn into a company where the mass participation of citizens as shareholders will have a mutual benefit.

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