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Migrants from Montenegro to Bosnia, Interior Minister requested a meeting

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Interior Minister of the Bosnian-Podrinje Canton (BPK), Nijaz Mušić, requested a meeting with State Minister of Security Dragan Mektić due to a sudden increase in the number of migrants coming to the territory of Goražde from neighboring Montenegro. In the past 12 days, BPK has recorded 86 cases of migrants from the Middle East, Syria, Pakistan, Algeria, and Libya. BPK Interior Minister Mušić stated that Goražde does not have the material and technical capacities, nor the legal basis for hosting the immigrants.

The Goražde community provides rooms, certain quantities of food and hygiene products for the first aid. Police officers give their clothes or money for food. Several times the BPK has organized fundraising campaigns in order to pay a ticket to Sarajevo for the refugees.

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