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CAR: About 40 dead following fightings between ex-Séleka and Anti-balaka

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BANGUI – The armed conflict between group ex-Seleka of the Unité pour la Paix en Centrafrique (UPC) and the groups Anti-Balaka in progress for Tuesday has caused until now the death of about 40 people according to the security sources.
According to different concordant relationships, the case was born from the murder of a young named Patrick by some members of the UPC since he would has been in contact with a leader Antibalaka. Anti-Balaka groups therefore, for revenge, installed a barrier in Tagbara, a village to 72 kilometers from Bambari on the axis Bria (center-north) and killed about ten UPC members.

Therefore the UPC reinforcements from Ippy and Maloum have massacred the civilians in many villages between Tagbara and Gotchele, 35 km from Bambari.

Anatole Ndémagouda-Gbagot, a congressman of Bambari, claimed “The whole population is in brushwoods without humanitarian assistance. Peacekeepers (Minusca) of Tagbara have protected only the mayor of the city”.

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