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Albania and Switzerland sign 2 agreements of 8.2 mln Euro


Deputy Prime Minister, Senida Mesi, received on Friday Ambassador Ruth Huber, the Head of Cooperation with Eastern Europe at the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

During the meeting they signed two agreements that provide funding and technical support in the areas of governance and economy: the first one for the Decentralisation and Local Development Programme (dldp) and the second one for RisiAlbania, a youth employment programme. Both projects amount to just over 8.2 million Euro and are extensions of previous phases of Swiss support for Albania. The interlocutors discussed also about Swiss government support regarding civil emergency and natural disaster cases. After the signing of the two agreements, in her greeting speech Mesi stressing the long-term cooperation of more than 25 years of Albania with Switzerland, underlined the two projects as very important and with successful results in their previous phases.

Among others Mesi expressed special thanks for the Swiss Cooperation Strategy 2018-2021 which was presented a few weeks ago and emphasized that the long-term cooperation between the two countries is a crear indication that the Swiss government is there to help and support Albania in all its initiatives and that the latter is fully engaged to reach the objectives.


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