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Military deliveries to Lebanese Army


In the last week, the United States delivered ammunition, grenade launchers and combat vehicles worth over $ 11.7 million to the Lebanese Armed Forces, the US embassy in Beirut said. On February 1, LAF received two hundred MK-19 automatic missile launchers; on February 3, eight new Bradley combat vehicles were delivered, part of a package worth over $ 100 million; today 827 Copperhead ammunitions. The goal is to replenish the LAF stocks used to defeat ISIS in the Fajr al Jouroud operation. “With weapons, equipment and training provided by the United States, the LAF will continue to maintain good fighting capabilities, ensuring that it remains a unifying force at the national level, a bulwark against extremism and terrorism, as well as the sole legitimate defender of the Lebanon”. A phrase with which, indirectly, the Embassy refers to the growing presence of the armed group of Hezbollah.

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