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Commercial relations with Israeli settlements in the West Bank


The United Nations Human Rights Office said it had identified 206 companies that so far have commercial relations with Israeli settlements in the West Bank, where it claims that violations against Palestinians are “pervasive and devastating”. The report is politically sensitive because the companies mentioned by the UN could be targeted for boycotts or divestments aimed at strengthening the pressure on Israel and its settlements, which many countries regard as illegal. Most of these companies are based in Israel or its settlements (143), the second largest group in the United States (22), the rest in 19 other countries. The report, which did not indicate the companies claimed that the work in the database production on the companies will not involve a judicial process of any kind. The mandate of the UN office was only to identify the companies involved in the construction and surveillance of settlements, including transport services and banking and financial transactions that may raise human rights concerns. The violations associated with the settlement according to the report affect every aspect of Palestinian life, including freedom of religion, movement and education, as well as lack of access to land, water and livelihood.

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